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  3. Is Trump the dumbest, least qualified and most corrupt president ever?

User Info: Lonestar2000

3 months ago#1
Or is there someone worse?
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User Info: EthanSilver

3 months ago#2
I would say he is not the most corrupt, pretty sure thing even.

Dumbest? Idk, that I'm actually not sure of. Anybody know somebody that is as dumb and tactless as Trump?

User Info: Sczoyd

3 months ago#3
Dumbest, yeah probably.
Hard to tell if most corrupt. We don't know things other presidents have gotten away with.
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User Info: mrplainswalker

3 months ago#4
He's the most openly and blatantly corrupt. There might be some other presidents who weren't so dumb about it.
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User Info: MertensCW

3 months ago#5
Probably not even the most corrupt. Thing is Trump wasn’t smart enough to wait for post presidency like the rest of the crooks.
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User Info: zeppelin4ever42

3 months ago#6
I would say almost certainly the most corrupt

Trump makes Teapot Dome seem tame. Even Bush II and Cheney sold us out to oil and defense companies, but not (directly) to foreign governments for bribes

Dumbest? Not sure. Do you mean current brain elasticity or least knowledgeable/logical?

Least, qualified? Can't think of a former President that was less qualified, but I really don't know
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User Info: TalesofLizalfos

3 months ago#7
Dumbest and least-qualified: Yes.
Most corrupt: He's the average level of corrupt for his party.
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User Info: Dark_Arbron

3 months ago#8
The thing about Trump is that he had already been widely-hated for decades by the time his campaign began. Everyone knew what he was long ago - your standard 1% businessman with an overblown ego. Of course he was going to be corrupt, with or without the presidency.
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User Info: Mike_24_7

3 months ago#9
that goes to obama
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User Info: IMadepooh4U

3 months ago#10
Does this topic come with free play-doh and crayons?
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