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  3. For the "anti-PC" party you cons sure get triggered a lot

User Info: IShall_Run_Amok

3 months ago#11
When your first reaction to criticism, or even being de-platformed, is to cry "free speech", its a strong confirmation that you either don't have any faith in what you're saying, or that your intentions are dishonest, and is basically a pivot to entitlement. In any case, the anti-PC movement these days is often driven by individuals who have every intention of curtailing other people's speech.
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User Info: bigboyhowdy2

3 months ago#12
C0c0nuttz posted...
I just saw an interview with a guy talking about the “war on Christmas” lmao wow. Like he got triggered about his place of employment saying Happy Holidays once they got bigger.

Not to mention anytime you call a righty out for supporting fascism, they shut down. Doesn’t matter how true it is.

Yeah, you guys are real anti-PC 😏

Oh man, you sure are slick man.

Clever like a fox!

You called it like you saw it and now the right is quivering in their boots!

*jk* none of those things are true.

User Info: C0c0nuttz

3 months ago#13
Lmao you’re triggered because I exposed your side, how cute 😂
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  3. For the "anti-PC" party you cons sure get triggered a lot
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