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  3. Republicans say searching "idiot" and getting Trump on Google is bias

User Info: Hourglass22

3 months ago#1

Really? I think it is a rather fitting image. Of course, it should also show Bush Jr. as well. Not biased at all. I mean, neither can make a coherent sentence. Neither can open their gob without becoming becoming a laughing stock.

User Info: gogues

3 months ago#2
The irony is that their actions now created headlines with ‘idiot’ and ‘trump’ in the same sentence, which will only further bolster his name in the search results.

User Info: Humble_Novice

3 months ago#3
Trump's picture also pops up if you search the words moron, stupid, dumbass, and imbecile.

User Info: mrplainswalker

3 months ago#4
Wouldn't this just mean that google is working correctly? When I image search for cats, I get pictures of cats. When I image search for planets, I get pictures of planets. If I do an image search for idiots, why wouldn't I get the most prominent idiots?
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User Info: SBBrealquick

3 months ago#5
Unless the folks at google are themselves progamming their engine to yield those results, its totally fair. If thats what the majority of people are saying, tough f***ing luck, maybe stop being an idiot. But, if google is using their platform to do that themselves, id say its kind of an issue.

User Info: Tyranius2

3 months ago#6
It is bias, but Google obviously leans to one side, this shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.
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User Info: JaeredMack

3 months ago#7
Well, he's an idiot.
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3 months ago#8
Is there a law dictating "fair" search results?
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User Info: MalachiteXWater

3 months ago#9
Sounds like an accurate search result.
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User Info: BinaryHedgehog

3 months ago#10
It's the engine working as intended. A bunch of people were putting words like "idiot" on pages with Trump's picture and SEO did the rest.
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  3. Republicans say searching "idiot" and getting Trump on Google is bias
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