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  3. This 24 y/o Blonde Girl STABBED her RACIST DAD to Death in Connecticut!!!!

User Info: Tamamo-no-mae

3 months ago#11
wow that's some f***ed up s***, can't say i blame her but it's a bad scene all around.
as to the question in the poll, not my parents. my paternal grandmother is hella racist though, honestly it stopped being shocking a while ago so now it's mostly just funny and sad, she's such a spiteful person it's hard to believe sometimes. of course i inherited a lot of that myself though my spite is more of the general variety rather than being directed at any particular demographic. at the risk of sounding like a try-hard edgy teenager, i legit hate pretty much everyone. trying really hard -not- to be that kind of person though so i mostly just keep to myself and mind my own business.
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User Info: str8Knowledge

3 months ago#12
Lifting the guy into the box must have forced the baby out a little bit.

User Info: ERfollower

3 months ago#13
This is just one of many reasons why you don't be racist.
"GameFAQs has a liberal bias!" No it doesn't.

User Info: HentaiMan

3 months ago#14
<(^.^<) <(^.^)>

User Info: Ana_Nuann

3 months ago#15
Don't call people the n word.

User Info: Alesandros

3 months ago#16
Murdering someone for calling someone a nasty name...?

Classically liberal, independent moderate. US Marine, Pianist, and Police Officer.

User Info: LoF-Durin

3 months ago#17
Yeah, she is guilty, hope she enjoys prison.

User Info: ShelvingStacks

3 months ago#18
I cant GET ENOUGH of your caps Full Throttle. SHINE ON
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  3. This 24 y/o Blonde Girl STABBED her RACIST DAD to Death in Connecticut!!!!
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