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  3. This 24 y/o Blonde Girl STABBED her RACIST DAD to Death in Connecticut!!!!

User Info: Full Throttle

Full Throttle
3 months ago#1
Are your parents racist to any groups of people? - Results (44 votes)
31.82% (14 votes)
Yes my Dad but not my Mom
11.36% (5 votes)
Yes my Mom but not my Dad
11.36% (5 votes)
45.45% (20 votes)
This poll is now closed.
24 y/o Jessica Keene from Windsor Locks, Connecticut was 7 months PREGNANT when she STABBED her 51 y/o RACIST DAD to death on November 17th after he called her bf the N-Word...and then she gave BIRTH THE NEXT DAY!!

She stabbed 51 y/o Michael Keene, a construction worker originally from Florida at his home after they got into a beef over her boyfriend, Quahzier Bouie and he went berserk when he found out she was having Quahzier's baby!!.

The day after she stabbed her father to death, she gave birth to her daughter prematurely and it took days for police to find the father's body!!

He was found in a container behind the couch after a relative went to his apartment and noticed a foul smell...

When police found Jessica, she was in a hotel near the hospital where her baby was being cared for. She admitted to murdering him but said she only stabbed him once on his leg despite telling police she knew he was dead

Jessica was already with child with another man said her dad came home in a drunken rage and that she was defending herself. She also insisted she didn't move his body into a container since she was heavily pregnant and could not have been able to do it

Her boyfriend was questioned by police but was never charged nor has anyone else.

Her lawyer tried to have her confession thrown out and that the recording device police had of her confession MALFUNCTIONED and it didn't capture the full interview and they started recording on another device but it's unclear if that caught the interview

The lawyer, Brian J Woolf said "After they finish the first interview where she allegedly confesses they learn the tape stopped after 4 minutes? I find that to be very strange. She maintains her innocence in that matter"

Are your parents racist to any groups of people?

Jessica and her Dad (Deceased) -

Jessica's hideous mugshot -

Jessica and Quahzier -

Where he lived -
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User Info: Dark_Arbron

3 months ago#2
My father is what I would call "casually" racist (and while we're at it, "casually" homophobic).
That is, he doesn't spout vitriol, and I have no idea what his voting habits are (though he's right-leaning...), and I don't think he'd care if I had a black/asian/whatever partner. He just comes from an era where they casually referred to gay men as "poofs" because that's just how it was done. Hell, in those days even the police themselves - and these were AUSTRALIAN police, by the way - would participate in "gay bashing" and cover it up after the fact.

Which isn't a defence, and it was never a gold star on their society. But growing up in such a society is going to produce some bad habits and/or casual dehumanization. Dehumanization you wouldn't necessarily vote for, but regardless, makes its way into casual everyday conversation. But I do think that's a category of its own. A category in which they are simply continuing with ingrained bigotry that they could probably be convinced to abandon if they were made to sit down and think about it. I doubt there's serious ill-will behind it, is what I'm saying.

At any rate we're estranged because he becomes a massive a****** when he gets drunk.

(And I do have someone much nastier to compare him to. My friend's father is a neo-Nazi - as in, literally, his pasttime is listening to neo-Nazi propaganda and b****ing about Jews (with a little anti-evolution mixed in there). The only thing he doesn't do is go out and assault them. This guy is in a whole other league to my father, to the point where it would feel misleading to put them in the same category. One is simply a misguided product of his time; the other is bigoted and rotten to the core.)
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User Info: MalachiteXWater

3 months ago#4
Damn girl definitely wanted to defend her man.
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User Info: Dynedux

3 months ago#6
My family isn't racist, really. My dad's side came here from Italy in the 20s, my mom's Ireland in the late 1800's. I have Mexican and black family members, etc. But my grandfather is one of those very stereotypical old white guys; one year during thanksgiving my aunt and I are watching a football game and my grandfather, who knows nothing about sports and was just looking to make some conversation, walked up and looked at the tv, looked at us, looked at the tv and said "boy those coloreds sure are good at football huh?" ...


He was a teacher for 30 years, boy scouts instructor, national guardsmen, in the air force, literally never had said a racist thing (that I'm aware of at least) in all my years... I really don't think he is up to speed on modern vocabulary. My aunt and I just looked at each other like "wtf" and he walked away quietly.
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User Info: ToyMachin3

3 months ago#7
My MIL's husband, army vet, from Massachusetts, is a millionaire because of his business he had in New Mexico and is now retired.

My wife is white, but her family has a lot of black relatives as well, just for a bit of background info.

Let's call him George. During the time the woman was hit and run and killed in protests a while back. A relative of ours, who happens to be black, posts a video of the incident and goes on to post her opinion on it. George was blaming the woman for being stupid enough to go to the protest, that's why she died. Myself and other family members responded to him and it escalated to name calling (on George's part) and racial epithets.

Shortly after that incident, George found the phone number of the family member that posted the video and left voice messages calling her a N-*expletive deleted" and telling her to kill herself, that she wasn't worth anything.

The f***er can't even do it face to face, always hides behind Facebook or using the phone. I don't tolerate him at my house and haven't seen him in person since.

Not exactly my father, but I wanted to share.
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User Info: HentaiMan

3 months ago#8
she MGS'd his ass! :O
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User Info: Naythan_Greyson

3 months ago#9
Wow tha pretty savage, just stuff him in a container and leave him to rot

User Info: Kradek

3 months ago#10
Full Throttle posted...
Quahzier Bouie

That is...quite a name, both first and last.

I can't support this, now matter how racist or disapproving of her boyfriend and child he may have been.

Cut him off, make sure he never knew what it was like to be a grandfather, fine, but being murdered is not something someone can just bounce back or learn a lesson from, it's finite.

Also it's murder, homicide at the very least.
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