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  3. It's ironic how Obama calls Kanye West a jackass but Trump welcomes his presence

User Info: slk_23

4 months ago#1
Just thought it was funny how Obama doesn't think too highly of Kanye West, whereas Trump allows Kanye West to give a speech in the Oval Office:

User Info: Dynedux

4 months ago#2
Why is that funny or ironic?
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User Info: CyrusV

4 months ago#3
I guess jackasses get along better with other jackasses.
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User Info: crowkillers

4 months ago#4

User Info: mybbqrules

4 months ago#5
I won't say Kanye is a jackass, but I will say that he constantly acts like tiny aliens are piloting his body and they have only a rudimentary grasp of human emotions and social behaviors.
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User Info: Horridhal

4 months ago#6
You seem to be using ironic the same way Alanis Morisette used it. Which is to say you are using it wrong. Nothing about this is ironic.
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User Info: AwesomeFawful

4 months ago#7
Dynedux posted...
Why is that funny or ironic?
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User Info: Sariana21

4 months ago#8
Clearly Obama doesn’t like black people.
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User Info: DeathMagnetic80

4 months ago#9
Trump immediately regretted his decision as a dude clearly off his meds rambled like a loony toon up in the Oval Office and among other things pitched the Apple iPlane 1 to Trump, to replace Air Force One.

User Info: Sir_RaZZo

4 months ago#10
Obama called him a jackass for interrupting Taylor Swift at the VMA's. He was right.
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  3. It's ironic how Obama calls Kanye West a jackass but Trump welcomes his presence
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