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BREAKING: Stock Market is crashing

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User Info: JoCrazy

1 week ago#1
STOCKS CRASHING: After dropping a historic 832 points yesterday, the Dow has been falling further today.
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User Info: The_Man_On_Fire

1 week ago#2
XBOX ONE Still Number ONE and it's not smart to be dumb.

User Info: AndreLeGeant

1 week ago#3
It’s not a crash. It’s volatility. The crash happens when a large firm can’t cope with the volatility
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User Info: G_I_B_B_O_N

1 week ago#4
China is outlasting the us in the war
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User Info: kaiolino

1 week ago#5
It's called a correction.

User Info: onemoment1985

1 week ago#6
AndreLeGeant posted...
It’s not a crash

Yeah, I feel like a recession is still coming, but we're not quite there yet.

User Info: cmiller4642

1 week ago#7
Trump's friends get rich off of this s***.

That's one of the main reasons he's sitting in the Oval Office right now, because he knows that he can manipulate the stock market and make billions for his scumbag friends.

User Info: krazyfu

1 week ago#8
Buying opportunity?

User Info: d_parker

1 week ago#9
The sky is still blue. I still have food in my fridge. My books still work.

What's the problem?

User Info: CommonGrackle

1 week ago#10
now if you would've bought gold like I told you
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