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  3. Major DeSantis donor goes on racist Obama rant

User Info: MegatokyoEd

5 months ago#1
A Republican activist who donated more than $20,000 to Ron DeSantis and lined up a speech for him at President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club called President Obama a “F---- MUSLIM N----” on Twitter recently, in addition to other inflammatory remarks.

Steven M. Alembik told POLITICO Wednesday he wrote the Obama tweet in anger, that he’s “absolutely not” a racist and that he understood that DeSantis’s campaign for governor would need to distance himself from the comments — which the campaign promptly did.

DeSantis is sure "monkeying up" his campaign

User Info: davyheinz

5 months ago#2
How do you write that tweet and then try to say you aren’t racist?

“I’m only racist in anger, not on a regular basis!”

These are the people who get upset about being called racists. Honestly now...
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User Info: ClayGuida

5 months ago#3
The same excuse rapists use. 'I'm not a rapist, I was drunk'

User Info: Shadow_Strain

5 months ago#4
Redcaps will defend this/shrug it off.
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User Info: dario1101

5 months ago#5
There is a lot more he said...

Holy s*** this donor is f***in horrible.
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User Info: TonyKojima

5 months ago#6
Shadow_Strain posted...
Redcaps will defend this/shrug it off.

Of course they will. Remember it was "the left" that made him say that.
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User Info: IShall_Run_Amok

5 months ago#7
when I'm drunk, I slur my speech and get sleepy and happy. Maybe this guy needs to lay off the sauce. And public life in general. Instead of running for political office, why not sell ice cream, or raise alpacas.
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User Info: BruceWayneJr

5 months ago#8
Racists don't admit to being racist because they feel justified in their attitude. Dude said it in the news story: "Everybody used those slurs when we were kids, so who cares?!" They don't see looking down at others as being discriminatory because they genuinely believe those others are lesser beings. They're brave enough to speak the "truth" while society protects the lower people.
He might be the president, but it's not his country.

User Info: Tel_Fry_733T

5 months ago#9
Lol literally a cartoon villain bigot

User Info: Unknown5uspect

5 months ago#10
dario1101 posted...
There is a lot more he said...

Holy s*** this donor is f***in horrible.

"This is Twitter."

Does this guy know that Twitter is public? Like everyone can see the dumb s*** you post. You're putting it out there for the entire planet.
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