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  3. would you rather the economy was bad, if it got President Trump out faster?

User Info: young_flip

6 months ago#1
economy question - Results (20 votes)
yes -- the pain will be hard to endure for many but its necessary
15% (3 votes)
yes -- by any means, he must go.
30% (6 votes)
no -- I want him gone but not at this cost
35% (7 votes)
no -- let him stay in
15% (3 votes)
other - post in topic
5% (1 vote)
This poll is now closed.
with all of the frowning and pooh-poohing going on here, one would think we were in a Clinton-Dubya inspired recession and not the hottest jobs market man has ever known. I once tried to touch it and immediately got third degree burns.

keep in mind the economy being bad means high unemployment, burgeoning unrest and a disintegrating social cohesion.

let me hear your thoughts and opinions.

User Info: kozlo100

6 months ago#2
"The hottest jobs market man has ever known"? If that isn't a pretty bit of hyperbole, I'll eat my hat.

The economy is good, sure, but yes I fully believe that Trump is doing more harm to the nation and the people in it than a good economy benefits them.

I also happen to believe that the economy would be pretty good right now no matter who sat in the oval office.
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User Info: Thebrah

6 months ago#3
if the economy were bad right now the U.S. would be finished.

This is a choice between the United States of America with Trump as President or no U.S. at all. I understand it's not meant to be realistic, but you could have at least made it a choice.
Most capitalists don't know that you can't become rich without doing the opposite of Jesus Christ's golden rule. Maybe that's why rich folk don't go to heaven.

User Info: str8Knowledge

6 months ago#4
If the econ fails in the future it would be better to fail now to expose trump.

User Info: Voidgolem

6 months ago#5
I'd rather people stop attributing economic success to a man whose main form of business is declaring bankruptcy and/or fraudster college.

User Info: pnut027

6 months ago#6
f*** no. Just gimme him some crayons.
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  3. would you rather the economy was bad, if it got President Trump out faster?
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