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  3. A WV JD is being a sore loser

User Info: Genericgamer667

6 months ago#1

After months of reflection and the support of good family and friends....I am ready to make an announcement! Team #PaulaJean2018 is coming back full force! Watch out corruption! We are coming after YOU!

she lost 70-30 and I don't know how she plans to get past the sore loser laws

good luck with a write in on that name lol
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User Info: supercurrymax

6 months ago#2
Whats a jd
i like chicken.

User Info: Atombender

6 months ago#3
West Virginia Justice Democrat I guess.
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User Info: wally

6 months ago#4
Oh f*** off you b****.
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  3. A WV JD is being a sore loser
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