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  3. SJWs try to get Mark Kern fired from Blizzard for telling them how to beat Trump

User Info: Dwavenhobble

10 months ago#1
So Mark Kern

Team Lead for Vanilla World of Warcraft. Creator of Em-8ER, Firefall. Producer of Diablo 2, Starcraft, Broodwar, and more. Game Designer, CEO, Writer.

laid out how to get people to vote democrat and beat Trump in 2020

Okay let’s talk about how to beat Trump. Specifically, how you can get me, and millions of others back to voting for Democrats like I used to.

First, you have to want me back. Stop being butthurt that I voted for Trump and stop trying to get me punched, fired or thrown out of restaurants. You need us back if you want to beat Trump. Stop pushing us into ditches. You’ll lose again.

Second, embrace free speech. You used to, and it opened a lot of doors for progressive values because we were free to express controversial ideas at the time like LGBTQ rights. You would riot if speech was muzzled and rightly so. Stop shadowbanning and deplatforming.

Next, stop campaigning on “resist” and “impeach” and have a real message again. Hope was a powerful one for Obama and Hooked me back then. You need to find a positive message to rally around a great vision for the future. Right now your message is hate and fear and zero vision.

Next, embrace middle America and our country again. You can have a vision for what America should be, but stop saying America and middle America had to go. Make America everyone’s home. Be welcoming. Right now you just want to burn it all down. Not a good look.

Fight for jobs for everyone. People want to work. And stop fetishing tech. Not everyone can be a web programmer and we need food and power and dirty jobs. Value hard work in blue collar industries and help them too and hold their jobs in the respect they are due. Fight for them.

Finally, fight for equal rights and opportunity. But please stop trying to force everyone to live your way. Stop trying to criminalize every minor thing and get rid of political correctness. Learn to laugh again and embrace comedy as figurative, not literal. Leave fiction alone.

It’s about having a vision the build up America, instead of one focused on tearing it down. Evolve it, don’t destroy it. Campaigning on “he and his base are evil Nazis” is just wrong and doesn’t work. A lot of us used to vote for you and share your values.

You don’t have to do all of this overnight. But just showing me and millions of others that you are willing to move in his direction would do a lot to get me to take a second look. Want to beat Trump? Take a page from your own speaking points and start to LISTEN. For real.

And how well did this go down you ask?

cc @BlizzardCS Thought you guys should see what an a****** your dude is making of himself on here. I may not be a typical WOW player, but this guy is making me rethink my game choices.

Oh s***, you work for @Blizzard_Ent? I'll take a hard pass away from their games from now on. Good to know.

Who is doing that dude, bot alert!

..a blue checked Russian bot...amazing.

Not a good look for you at all @Blizzard_Ent this rambling thread of nonsense just confirmed that I won't play a second of classic WoW and now am debating cancelling my sub. Guy is unhinged and seriously on a soapbox telling people that Trump isn't so bad? YIKES.

And that's just some of the responses so far according to Mark Kern it's presently at 250,000 notifications most of them hate, threats or calls for Blizzard to fire him

User Info: Winsage

10 months ago#2
Why did you make another topic. One of the other right wing trolls already made this topic. There's no reason for this whatsoever.
NNid: Windsage

User Info: ClayGuida

10 months ago#3
Anyone that voted trump is a lost cause. All credibility gone as an individual.

User Info: puppy

10 months ago#4
One of Be most immoral generations considers itself moral and upright when their views are challenged. More at 11.
You look under puppy's message.
You find a potion!

User Info: AceMos

10 months ago#5
oh no nobodies on twitter
3 things 1. i am female 2. i havea msucle probelm its hard for me to typ well 3.*does her janpuu dance*

User Info: CommonGrackle

10 months ago#6
Vanilla World of Warcraft

reticulating splines...

User Info: FrostySuit

10 months ago#7
Was finally gonna buy Overwatch today but **** that. I'm not supporting leftists pieces of garbage.
I'm the best middle school English teacher you know.

User Info: FrostySuit

10 months ago#8
ClayGuida posted...
Anyone that voted trump is a lost cause. All credibility gone as an individual.

I'm the best middle school English teacher you know.

User Info: axelfooley2k5

10 months ago#9
If Jesus saves, well He'd better save Himself
From the gory glory seekers who use His name in death

User Info: ImperialDragon

10 months ago#10
So... what was wrong with anything he said?
The WTF!?-o-meter is currently... Normal
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