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  3. The shelters for migrant children are full of Trump murals

User Info: MegatokyoEd

7 months ago#1
Jacob soboroff
I’m a part of the first group of journalists to go into the shelter for detained child migrants in Brownsville Texas since the zero tolerance separation policy was announced. 1000+ boys here.

Going in right now.

Just finished tour, don’t even know where to start.

One of the first things you notice when you walk into the shelter — no joke — a mural of Trump with the quote “sometimes losing a battle you find a new way to win the war.”

Presidential murals everywhere. But that one is 1st.

This shelter, Casa Padre, is the largest licensed childcare facility of its kind in the country. Nearly 1,500 boys 10-17 in here now. They’re supposed to sleep four to room. Nearly every room has 5. They’ve received a variance from the state because of overcrowding.

Officials here said they’ve never had an MS-13 member here, ever.

Moments after we walked in a shelter employee asked us to smile at hundreds of detained migrant kids in line for a meal because “they feel like animals in a cage being looked at.”

Kids here get only two hours a day to be outside in fresh air.

One hour of structured time.

One hour of free time.

The rest of the day is spent inside a former Wal Mart.




User Info: gogues

7 months ago#2
Cmon guys, pay attention to this s***. If this gets any worse, we’re going to become the Nazi Germany of our time.

User Info: AceMos

7 months ago#3
this is just disgusting
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User Info: MegatokyoEd

7 months ago#4

Someone managed to get a picture.

User Info: acolytes

7 months ago#5
What in the actual f***?

The abandoned Wal-Mart, huh? Remember when those were going to be Obama's prison camps?
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User Info: ThePieReborn

7 months ago#6
Dot dot dot period
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User Info: Queen_of_Lazy89

7 months ago#7
That's some fascist third world country bulls***.
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User Info: ozzyman314

7 months ago#8
MegatokyoEd posted...

Someone managed to get a picture.

No wonder Trump likes Kim.

That’s legitimately out of their playbook.
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User Info: Kradek

7 months ago#9

User Info: Pitbuller_26

7 months ago#10
Democrats seriously need to win these midterms in order to hold this piece of s*** and his administration accountable for this bulls***.
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