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Giuliani's son

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User Info: blood_and_bones

3 months ago#1
Trump ordered junior White House staffer Andrew Giuliani’s promotion after dining at Mar-a-Lago with Rudy Giuliani, who subsequently became the president’s lawyer. He directed his body man, Jordan Karem, to ensure Kelly promoted Andrew to special assistant to the president.

We're told that chief of staff John Kelly did not follow through on the order, and Andrew has not been promoted. It's unclear whether the president knows his directive wasn't followed.

According to a source familiar, Kelly took away Andrew's blue visitor's pass about two weeks ago, revoking his West Wing access. He now only has a green pass, which means he can’t enter the West Wing without an escort.

User Info: BilalPowell

3 months ago#2
Start me, bench Crowell

User Info: Thebrah

3 months ago#3
John Kelly holding s*** together while Trump f***s off .
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