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  3. gun ownership should be a privilege, not a right

User Info: SSj4Wingzero

11 months ago#21
We just need more thorough background checks

The overwhelming majority of gun owners in this country do not commit crimes and do not have any intention to.

When it comes to most mass shooters, the people who know them after the fact generally point to the warning signs which were there. If it took less than a day to find the Florida shooter's online profile and information about his expulsion from school and previous calls to his residence, there's no reason the same thing can't be done for new firearms purchases.

Plenty of people in Germany and France own and have access to so-called "assault weapons" yet they don't have the same level of gun crime there because to purchase guns in those countries you have to go through a much more stringent process, such as actively demonstrating that you either hunt or are part of a shooting club. In other words, you don't get to buy a gun unless you're actually a vetted member of a (government-approved) club where you actually talk to people. The large majority of mass shooters have been loners who have had difficulty socializing with others and there's no way they'd actually be able to join a shooting club, seeing as how their memberships would likely get rejected the moment somebody talked to them.

By making firearms ownership into a social activity, those countries have (probably - who knows for sure?) prevented a lot of shootings that may have been perpetrated by people with various social issues who are prone to committing these types of crimes.
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User Info: GordonFreeGin

11 months ago#22
MegatokyoEd posted...
It makes no sense that it’s easier to wield a gun than drive a car.

This. f***ing this. In no way should we completely ban guns, as that is impossible in this day and age with how many guns are going to be grandfathered in, but let's actually get some control in some of these states.

That said, we seriously can't ban guns. Life in the Alaskan wilderness still counts as america, so American laws need to take account a f***ing grolar bear or wolves can attack our citizens and those citizens being attacked need to be able to defend themselves. Plus, thanks to humans, we need hunting seasons so animals don't absolutely destroy our already fragile ecosystems.
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User Info: phobia881

11 months ago#23
You hunted deer with an assault rifle? So the meat blew apart and couldn't be eaten? Wow. How proud you must be. It takes real skill to kill a deer with a machine gun.
Thanatos the Great 11 months ago#24
Honestly, the best comment I've ever seen on the 'right' to own a gun comes from a sitcom:

User Info: CyborgSage00x0

11 months ago#25
EPR-radar posted...
Removing the 2A is definitely better than trying to replace it with anything else. Guns are way too complicated to be dealt with in something that's as hard to change as the US constitution.
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User Info: yurnxt

11 months ago#26
phobia881 posted...
You hunted deer with an assault rifle? So the meat blew apart and couldn't be eaten? Wow. How proud you must be. It takes real skill to kill a deer with a machine gun.

The AR-15 is a popular rifle for hunting game. It doesn't blow the meat apart, its not a machine gun, its not even an assault rifle. It is an ordinary rifle that takes the same effort or "skill level" to hunt with as any other rifle.
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User Info: WarDog2016

11 months ago#27
the whole mental health thing here is the only thing that scares me when you guys start talking like this. Who gets to decide who is mentally fit? Will it be the same people who are deciding which maniacs in this country are allowed to be blood crazed police officers that shoot first, ask questions later?

lol, yeah, i think i'm gonna take a pass on that.
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User Info: Block that Kick

Block that Kick
11 months ago#29
Tannhauser posted...
To be clear, all of our "rights" are really privileges. There are ways in which your rights can be taken away, usually by committing criminal acts and thus forfeiting your rights. The Constitution can also be amended through different means, resulting in the removal, adding, or refining of rights.

And, if you still believe you have rights, George Carlin has something to say on that (language warning, because it's George Carlin):

I was just about to say that technically, the Second Amendment is not a right because it can legally be taken away from you under certain circumstances. It’s actually a privilege.
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User Info: DonVito1990

11 months ago#30
Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.
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