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User Info: wstfld

1 year ago#91
Bond_543 posted...
what you call "culture" is just an expression of a particular gene sets intelligence and reaction to their environment. put some tribe in a cave for generations, and their "culture" would reflect a limited understanding of the universe. their art would be primitive. their tools primitive. their entire culture primitive and limited.

Is this why Alabama is electing a child molester?
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User Info: EthanSilver

1 year ago#92

Don't pay any attention to Bond, he's not very smart.

He's equating culture with genes. I mean, come on. Guy is not very smart

User Info: EthanSilver

1 year ago#93

Is one's culture defined by genes?

Just to clear it up. Don't want to assume you are just being dumb after all. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

User Info: thecoolgu

1 year ago#94
The left has the facts, they just don't have the logic.
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User Info: Patriotwolf

1 year ago#95
thecoolgu posted...
The left has the facts, they just don't have the logic.

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User Info: EthanSilver

1 year ago#96
Genes are important, it's what make us humans. But that is the extent of that, when it comes to culture. It's you're environment, the people that you are around and so forth that play the important role when it comes to culture.

Environemont, and people you are around are the only changeable variables that matter when it comes to culture.

You can change genes, but to what? None human? In that case, it would be beside the point and not important.

User Info: EthanSilver

1 year ago#97

The only thing you are left with the, genes, kind of rhetoric are things that racist a******s like to peddle in.

Is that you bond? Blacks are different than whites? It's unrealistic and unfair in a practical matter. One black human can outsmart one white human. Fact. So then, what's the point. Let's judge individuals when it comes to big diverse groups. Variability is a trait found in all humans, in all animals.
Dracoknight2006 posted...
Humble_Novice posted...
Von23 posted...
It's in my opinion that thinking and reacting based on feelings is more attributed to liberals than conservatives.

If that's the case, then why is the government much more reactionary to progress when conservatives are in charge? And also, how can you say that liberals literally base their opinions on feelings when many have a stronger affinity to science than religion? Where's the logic in that?

Tell that to the loonies who believe in more genders than Male/Female/herm.

Tax cuts for the rich: Sure!
Cut SS and welfare: Why not?
Pollution and global warming: Great!
Zionist holy wars: God wills it!
Someone believing in more than two genders: Lunacy!

User Info: The Deadpool

The Deadpool
1 year ago#99
Well this topic kind of proves itself doesn’t it.

“Facts don’t have a liberal bias as long as I ignore all scientific studies on a subject!”
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User Info: oldphart

1 year ago#100
TC seems rather confused.
Some conservatives being wrong about evolution hardly makes liberals right about everything else.
Never mind that atheism by definition makes you just as possibly wrong as fundies and creationists. (I take the more rational position of the agnostic anti-theist. If I had a bible it would be written by Christopher Hitchens, though I part ways with him on abolishing religion outright. Let people believe as they like if it keeps them off the streets at night)
You say the debate over climate change ended 50 years ago? LOL.
Thats when many were still warning about another ice age.
The pushback on AGW alarmism is not simply ignorant denial, it has many valid points.
1. Why have scientists conspired to suppress evidence of solar variation?
2. How come they keep enacting measures consistent with global socialism, which have resulted in the problem worsening?
3. Climate change research is inherently flawed so should be questioned. It is populated by environmentalism as religion ideologues with the only outcome of their research being to prove it is happening so more research should be funded. A science promoted by self serving/ideology motivated individuals is just a faith.
That isnt to say its not happening, just that its impossible to come to informed conclusions with all the skull duggery going on. Al Gore has profited $100mil from this. Why should I trust anything he says? And if it is happening your solutions so far suck.
Liberal agenda really has a goal of self defeatism and Im glad to not participate in that.This has little to do with the existence of a higher power, dont pretend that it does.

(I invite referenced corrections to any erroneous claim made as fact above)
The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates.
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