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Disney debuts its first BOY PRINCESS in its Popular Liberal CARTOON Show!!!!

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  3. Disney debuts its first BOY PRINCESS in its Popular Liberal CARTOON Show!!!!

User Info: Primal_GroudonX

4 months ago#61
snake_5036 posted...
Primal_GroudonX posted...
If you're going to teach children to accept one way

This isn't one way. They already accept straight people. This is just telling them to also accept LGBT+ people.

Not sure why this is hard to understand. Do you also think there needs to be straight pride events?

Do we teach them to accept straight people or do they accept straight people completely naturally? And why would you need pride events? Pride has almost never done anything good.
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User Info: IShall_Run_Amok

4 months ago#62
Big surprise, the politically correct SJW crowd didn't even read the first post before they started b****ing about "boys can't be princesses" and "black people can't be princesses" and "I hate liberal propaganda".
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User Info: wolverinerob79

4 months ago#63
Boys can't, by definition, be princesses. What kind of garbage is this?

User Info: AbysmalSlayer

4 months ago#64
A lot of people voted NO?! Maybe, there is hope for the future after all.
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User Info: Muscle Buster

Muscle Buster
4 months ago#65
TonyKojima posted...
CraiCrushna posted...
It does not matter if a Prince is gay or straight, a Prince is a Prince. It is Gender specific. Princess is female, Prince is male. I hate this generation.

You do realize there are more than 2 genders right?

Considering gender dysphoria is recognised as a mental disorder, there aren't, no.
Don't look at me like that, you cretin.
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(message deleted)
(message deleted)

User Info: bidas100

4 months ago#68
@AbysmalSlayer is a troll. I know this because he told me.
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User Info: EightySix22

4 months ago#69
Lol. White people are losing the north.

User Info: Nitro378

4 months ago#70
EightySix22 posted...
Lol. White people are losing the north.

This is your brain on reactionism
Why is it only called class war when we fight back?
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  3. Disney debuts its first BOY PRINCESS in its Popular Liberal CARTOON Show!!!!

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