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Never forget why Trump won --

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User Info: BuddhaDaSlaemon

6 months ago#1
Because the Democrats abandoned the platform of the working classes in favor of divisive identity politics. The collusion between Hillary and the DNC was just the cherry on top.

That is literally pretty much it. Class dismissed.

User Info: ClayGuida

6 months ago#2
Because Donald galvanized racists.

User Info: MegatokyoEd

6 months ago#3
Because the working class were dumb enough to believe a rich billionaire who made his money off exploiting people like them gave a single s*** about them.

User Info: SaikyoStyle

6 months ago#4
BuddhaDaSlaemon posted...
Because a gaggle of morons in flyover country allowed themselves to be easily fooled by the most obvious conman in history.

No kidding
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User Info: Bullet_Wing

6 months ago#5
This is why Trump won:
This is the results:

User Info: BuddhaDaSlaemon

6 months ago#6
I am not counting myself among them. I am a member of the working class, although I am well educated I did not go into my field. But I'm not white so I'm not really in their camp, needless to speak I can't stand much of their political opinions, but in my opinion at least many Trump voters are better than traditional Republicans. Yes, there are some racists and kooks, but I believe most of them aren't, at least not in any excessive degree. Sure, I think they're dumb and got played though.

Anyway, I am not saying I condone it, I am just explaining it. I don't know if Liberals actually LIKE being perpetually the opposition party just so they can keep having something to B' about.

User Info: crowkillers

6 months ago#7
Trump won not because they necessarily wanted him to win, but more so because they wanted to keep Hillary Clinton out...

User Info: monkmith

6 months ago#8
because the republican party was a disorganized mess with far to many candidates running in the primaries, paired with a foreign state trying to vilify the democratic front runner?
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User Info: pnut027

6 months ago#9
He won because Obama was black.

You guys hate SJWs? Blame your favorite developers for pandering to white men for the past 30 years.

User Info: Genericgamer667

6 months ago#10
crowkillers posted...
Trump won not because they necessarily wanted him to win, but more so because they wanted to keep Hillary Clinton out...

do they even know WHY they wanted her out?

apparently none of Trump's scandals were as important as emails...
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