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User Info: Cataclysmical

3 years ago#11
What about mental stability tests being attached to the gun license?
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User Info: Dark_Spiret

3 years ago#12
id actually throw in some other stuff as far as whats needed to get that license, but if you got it then there shouldn't be any regulations on what you can own. tho i think anyone should still be able to own more simpler stuff with out a license like older black powder guns, bolt action rifles, pump guns, lever actions ect.

ThaLank posted...
PballDepot posted...
Better make Kevlar vests/outfits legal for everyone as well while you're at it, cause they're gonna need it.

Why bother? He also gave everyone armor-piercing bullets.
anyone can buy level 4 body armor right now which will stop most AP rated ammo out there outside of something like a .50cal bmg, but then if you have someone with that shooting at you then you really f***ed up along the way. AP ammo overall is also technically not illegal for civilians to own. you can own most types of rifle AP ammo. its mainly pistol ammo that has most of the regulations on it.

everything else is also technically legal still as far as suppressors, fully auto weapons, sbr type stuff, you just cant walk into a gun store and buy it off the shelf day one. gotta go through the proper channels to get it, but its very doable.
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User Info: Hyena 20

Hyena 20
3 years ago#13
tho i think anyone should still be able to own more simpler stuff with out a license like older black powder guns,

If they're muzzle loader, then you already can. Muzzle-loaders (including zip guns/homemade guns) There are very few regulations on those aside from city ordinance laws about firearms discharge.
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3 years ago#14
But people with a gun license and clean record can still buy guns and sell on the black market and report it stolen when the gun is used in a crime

User Info: axelfooley2k5

3 years ago#15
Did you just include sawed off shotguns in your post



User Info: roboknux

3 years ago#16
First part was good enough. The rest was trash

User Info: Garioshi

3 years ago#17
Sativa_Rose posted...
fully automatic weapons, short barreled or "sawed off" rifles and shotguns, silencers/suppressors, and various types of ammunition (armor piercing, hollow point, etc.) are protected.

what the f*** are you smoking, hollow point ammunition is literally just made to lodge itself in whoever you shoot and stay there painfully
nobody should have it
or armor piercing bulets
or silencers
or sawed off shotguns
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User Info: Villain_S_Fiend

3 years ago#18
Hyena 20 posted...
Gamerguymass posted...
right' to own silencers and armor piercing bullets. That is just asking for trouble.

And it should never be a right for people to own weapons of war. They literally serve no other purpose then killing people. Shooting a 100 bullets a minute is not "home defense."

Unfortunately, the founding fathers would disagree with you. What the hell do you think cannons are for? They didn't ban those (granted, cannons could also be used for mining back before dynamite existed)
Granted, back in those days, civilians actually had to worry about siege warfare...

1) you have no way of knowing that (the bolded sentence). The cannon reference doesn't strengthen the argument for fully automatic weapons.

2) the founding fathers were fallible human beings, some of whom expressly advocated for revisiting and revising the laws they put in place to make sure they stayed relevant for the times, so we really need to stop deifying them whilst cherry picking their words and making assumptions about what they'd think of today's world.

Addressing the topic's proposal: I wouldn't call that a compromise, and I certainly wouldn't support a bill like that.
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User Info: Namur

3 years ago#19
@Garioshi Just a minor addition. HP bullets reduce collateral damage when used in law daily / crowded environments. So it is literally the most optimal ammunition for home / self defense if you want to avoid hurting anyone (anything) else but your target.
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User Info: Sczoyd

3 years ago#20
It would mostly be a reasonable compromise, but I don't see much of a reason for civilians owning something like armor piercing bullets, unless we're on the verge of Red Dawn.
I understand some people wanting to own crazy weapons just for fun. And many of those people play with them responsibly, and I have no issue with that.

I would do sort of a tiered gun license.
Like level 1, you can purchase "normal" firearms.
Then you have to show responsibility with those for a couple years or whatever, pass additional tests.
Maybe level 2 would be concealed carry, and level 3 would allow you to own specialty weapons.
Just... within reason.
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