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Judge rules in Germany that refugees can't be charged with rape

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  3. Judge rules in Germany that refugees can't be charged with rape

User Info: Gradieus

11 months ago#1

'Sex with violence but not rape' is the new term because refugees "don't know any better".

How far is this s*** going to go?
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User Info: hivebent4life

11 months ago#3
infinitys_7th posted...
Only Wahhabists and regressive leftists accept Wahhabist culture.

Meanwhile, everyone else is living in terror of the Saudis spreading their miasma even further.

The right makes deals with the Saudis all the time and legitimises their government.
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User Info: Gradieus

11 months ago#5
LastBossKiller posted...
Once again, TC is compelled to criticize refugee rapists while defending white Americans that rape their daughters

Almost as if the 2nd part isn't true. Shocker that. You don't see me defending Bill Clinton.

User Info: Voidgolem

11 months ago#6
don't see the point in this: crime's crime, regardless of who does it.

User Info: Newhopes

11 months ago#7
Bye bye EU your soon going to be an extention of the middle east thanks to the left.

User Info: ozzyman314

11 months ago#8
This is exactly the kind of problem with refugees.
Countries aren't supposed to bend over backwards for them. It should be the other way around.
"The left doesn't take anything seriously except bashing the right"
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User Info: EightySix22

11 months ago#9
So basically, those muslim refugees are too dumb and violent to be held up to the same standards as anyone else. Wow. The apologists really think this makes sense.

User Info: IShall_Run_Amok

11 months ago#10
This is not how you're supposed to integrate people into society.

And I am all for integrating people into society, but this, no.
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  3. Judge rules in Germany that refugees can't be charged with rape

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