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Do you believe that you are more intelIigent than Donald Trump?

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  3. Do you believe that you are more intelIigent than Donald Trump?

User Info: Gradieus

1 year ago#21
His IQ is 140 so no.

User Info: Russian Rocket

Russian Rocket
1 year ago#22
Tech_Guy posted...
carljenk posted...
I don't just believe it. I know it for certain. Not too hard to be smarter than this silver spooned idiot.

Such unearned arrogance. You've proven here unequivocally that you are a fool.

How do you know he is wrong?

Your post, however, could be directed at Trump and it would be true.

User Info: BarneyBosco

1 year ago#23
Gobstoppers12 posted...
Nope. And none of you guys are, either. This topic gives us a pretty good measure of who is full of themselves around here.
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User Info: Prototypic

1 year ago#24
His bluster and general insecurity make it difficult for me to accurately gauge his intelligence, and never speaking to or interacting with him certainly doesn't help. I guess I'd probably give him the edge if I had to, but he's no genius.
Thus I became a madman.

User Info: radical rhino

radical rhino
1 year ago#25
Any American that has a college degree is smarter than Trump.
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User Info: Marcel4816

1 year ago#26
UnfairRepresent posted...
Millionaire businsessman and current Republican president of the United States.

Do you believe you are smarter than him? Or do you believe in a battle of wits you'd get drained like a swamp?

I thought he was a billionaire.
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User Info: SonRuck

1 year ago#27
Probably. He's easily the dumbest human being ever to occupy the White House

User Info: IShall_Run_Amok

1 year ago#28
I don't use Twitter, so I have that going for me.
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User Info: Kia123Amini

1 year ago#29
Lol yes. I'm more intelligent than Donnie and his supporters combined.
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User Info: hivebent4life

1 year ago#30
Anyone who feels the need to brag about a supposed high IQ score is confirmed to be a moron, so...
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  3. Do you believe that you are more intelIigent than Donald Trump?

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