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Antifa radical reflects on today's failures.

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User Info: Red XlV

Red XlV
11 months ago#151
SlyflyT posted...
Red XlV posted...
JacobCurnow posted...
There's a reason why we don't see people with "NAZI" signs at Trump rallys:

A) Because the "NAZI" party, in fact, does not exist anymore.
B) And because his supporters are regular people, NOT "NAZIS".

That's just it. You do see Nazi signs at Trump rallies, and Trump supporters are Nazis.

How much does the GOP pay you? Whatever it is it is not enough.

You really are a psychotic cultist.
A bad enough dude to save the President.
"We chose more government instead of more freedom." - Marco Rubio (R-Florida) on the Bush administration

User Info: masher11

11 months ago#152
Agni187 posted...
Knave posted...
You mean this guy?

Pow, hope they unmasked her and snapped a photo. Can't believe I missed all of this.

is anywhere online selling those Jesus windbreakers? Cant find it and considering buying one.
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  3. Antifa radical reflects on today's failures.

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