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  3. Trump just keeps on winning: Companies move to Mexico despite Trump's pressure

User Info: NoName999

3 years ago#1
INDIANAPOLIS—President Donald Trump boosted the hopes of employees at Rexnord Corp.’s factory here in December when he castigated the company for “viciously firing” workers and planning to move their jobs to Mexico.

Two months later, Rexnord is still planning to close the industrial-bearings factory, which employs about 350 people, despite Mr. Trump’s shaming and his earlier intervention to stop a nearby Carrier Corp. furnace factory from closing.

Rexnord says moving the plant to Mexico is part of a plan to save $30 million annually. Workers say they have been packing up machines while their replacements, visiting from Mexico, learn how to do their jobs.

“That’s a real kick in the ass to be asked to train your replacement,” said machinist Tim Mathis, who has worked at Rexnord for 12 years. “To train the man that’s going to eat your bread.”

Milwaukee-based Rexnord is one of many companies plowing ahead with plans to invest in Mexico despite Mr. Trump’s vows to cajole companies into keeping their assembly lines in the U.S. Some, including heavy-equipment maker Caterpillar Inc. and steelmaker Nucor Corp., are overseen by officials who belong to a panel advising Mr. Trump on manufacturing policy.

Executives at Peoria, Ill.-based Caterpillar are moving ahead with a restructuring that includes shifting jobs from a Joliet, Ill., factory to Monterrey, Mexico. “We’re just going to have to wait and see how this plays,” Caterpillar Chief Financial Officer Brad Halverson said in a January interview, referring to potential Trump-era shifts in trade policy.

A Caterpillar spokeswoman said the company has been reducing its workforce world-wide to stay viable “in the longest downturn in our 92-year history.”

Charlotte, N.C.-based Nucor is moving forward with Japan’s JFE Steel to build a new plant in Mexico to make steel for car makers.

Nucor Chief Executive John Ferriola said those plans could change if new policies penalize U.S. companies that invest in Mexico. “We’re watching the situation in Washington very, very closely,” he told analysts on Jan. 31.

So this put Trump in like what... the negatives in bringing the jobs back.
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User Info: 7th_street

3 years ago#2
If they leave: -350 jobs.

Intel investing 7 billion (announced today) and creating 3000+ jobs. Still positive growth. Why do you want the US to fail?
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User Info: amgoamgo

3 years ago#3
This is Obama's fault.
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User Info: Triad

3 years ago#4
f***ing winning.
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User Info: Heineken14

3 years ago#5
It's ironic that he used the term "winning" and all of his gullible cultists bought it up. It's just like Charlie Sheen. Oh, he was cool and the "in" thing when he was going on his random tirades and rants, but soon enough it was just another D list has been that no one gave a s*** about. Oh, and the AIDS. Donald Trump is going to give our country the equivalent of AIDS.
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