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User Info: JIC X

4 years ago#11
Each sentence of this post is nonsense, and the sentences together are not even compatibly nonsensical. {WoT}, Emeritus

User Info: zhukov1943

4 years ago#12
But if Obama were looking out of a window on a plane, then who would be doing the important things?
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User Info: Sczoyd

4 years ago#13

When Obama goes to Louisiana will you all shut the f*** up?
You're like frigging children here, it's pathetic.
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User Info: TundraKing87

4 years ago#14
13 dead vs. 1800+ dead

...yeah it's 50-50 really.

User Info: TrumpTrain

4 years ago#15
TundraKing87 posted...
13 dead vs. 1800+ dead

...yeah it's 50-50 really.

Of course a flood doesn't have the sheer killing power of a hurricane. Doesn't change the fact that Louisiana has been devastated.

User Info: wally

4 years ago#16
You're right mix. I guess it's a good thing that the president immediately took steps to help handle the issue and respected the wishes of the state government that he not visit right away. Thank goodness President Obama handled things so much better than President Bush did!
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User Info: TundraKing87

4 years ago#17
And Obama signed off on relief aid and federal officials have been a part of the relief effort right away.

Likewise the governor requested he stay back for a bit to ensure the manpower and focus is on relief and rescue not presidential security.

So he gave federal aid, listened to the state officials and didn't interfere or make a spectacle and the right is mad about it.

Da ****?

User Info: Saber

4 years ago#18
yzman posted...
Remember that time that Republicans almost all voted against Hurricane Sandy relief?

f*** them.

Do you have any idea how much corruption was involved in the Sandy relief funds? I hate this idea where Democrats stuff their bills full of pork and somehow the Republicans are bad guys for being cautious.
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User Info: mystic belmont

mystic belmont
4 years ago#19
The governor requested Obama stay away, so that the hotel rooms he would need could go to those in need.
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User Info: dark lancer

dark lancer
4 years ago#20
Didn't the Secret Service forbid Bush from going down to street level due to security issues? They do have the right to prevent the president from entering any situation where he can't be adequately protected, even if it's something he wants to do.
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