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User Info: Fenriswolf

6 years ago#1

Yep, apparently DARPA and NWO are now now using games to socially control youth

User Info: FunWithAFryPan

6 years ago#2
We're about to jump the shark!
He who strikes with meaning is killed by meaning.

User Info: CzechPrivilege

6 years ago#3

He probably thinks Anita Sarkeesian visits Bohemian Grove

Turns out dad has been putting murdered cows in our hamburgers.

User Info: untrustful

6 years ago#4
Mercedes Benz dropped advertising at Gawker.
"Let me point something out...he could trust untrustful."~MojoMujari
"...darn, you're right..."~untrustful

User Info: GreenTreeClub

6 years ago#5
Syrian Girl knows what she is talking about; she's spot on about everything she reports on.

User Info: EltoniaX

6 years ago#6

User Info: Red XlV

Red XlV
6 years ago#7
And "Gamergate" is still not an actual thing.
A bad enough dude to save the President.
"We chose more government instead of more freedom." - Marco Rubio (R-Florida) on the Bush administration

User Info: ForsakenHermit

6 years ago#8
From the other topic about the death threats.

ryan0991 posted...
A few weeks of this crap and I find myself hating everyone involved.
"Tyranny of all kinds is to be abhor'd whether it be in the hands of the one, or the few, or the many."-James Otis

User Info: Xeno14

6 years ago#9
"Video games are used to covertly advance the political agendas of arms manufacturers. The aggressive marketing of capitalist war games is an inspiration to the U.S. military, which could take a page out of games marketing’s book in order to push unpopular ideas on the public."

gee so much different then saying video games are trying socially control youth. Which is it china shill?

User Info: Fenriswolf

6 years ago#10
Her opinion, not mine, and she did at least backed it up with sources in the original video. And there's the whole can of worm with America's Army as a recruitment tool.
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