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how does voter ID work in other countries?

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User Info: thebest31406

3 years ago#11
the final bahamut posted...
In Denmark, the govt mails you a voting card with a serial number. The card is tied to a specific poll place. You then go there on election day where you present the card to an official who registers your name and serial number and asks for your SSN, then confirms it all with a list he has been provided.

All citizens are automatically registered voters, there is no charge for any of this.

We do not have voter fraud.

Now that's a country that values democracy.

User Info: SomerZ7

3 years ago#12
In Norway every citizen is registered in a national register at birth and given a unique eleven digit personal code (sort of like a SSN). The first six digits are your date of birth and the remaining five are based on some creation matrix.

During an election year every citizen 18+ receives a unique form for use when voting. It informs them about when the election is and where their local polling station is. They do not need to register to vote since they are already in the national register. They do not need to bring the form to the polling station, although it makes the process quicker for the polling station attendant looking you up in the register.

However, they also need a picture ID containing their name and their national ID code. This has been required since 2007, if I reall correctly. Some political parties have criticized this as disenfranchising poor people.

We don't currently have any free picture ID options in Norway. Debit cards usually, though not always, contain both picture, name, and national ID code on the back in Norway, and some banks will give out debit cards for free. This however requires you to have an account with the bank in question, which obviously won't be easy if you have no stable income as banks won't want you as a customer then.

As I said, the system has been met with some critcism, but not much. I guess this is mostly because extreme poverty is very rare in Norway and so most people will have at least a debit card. But still, even if only a single person is prevented from voting because of the system, then the system is flawed.
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