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Does a herd mentality (goats cited as an example) undermine the U.S. economy?

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  3. Does a herd mentality (goats cited as an example) undermine the U.S. economy?

User Info: paulo_yamato

3 years ago#1

Liberal Democrat politics is about special interest groups. Their constituents are easily identifiable based on gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, labor affiliation, etc. Ideologically they all roughly adhere to the religion of environmentalism. These voting blocs want their government services, their giveaways, wealth redistribution. They also want special rules that favor their group. These special interest groups act a lot like goats; not the individual members who are generally good people but the groups as a whole. Their only reason to exist is to achieve the group’s goals – nothing else. They only want to feed with no thought of the consequences. Their owners, the liberal Democrat elite, will continue to feed them as long as the elite get what they want –power – even if it kills the group and America.

Until conservatives and Republicans find ways to break this “feed bag” mentality America has little hope. Step one for us is to not vote for politicians who feed the goats. A vote for a Democrat is a vote to feed the goats. Step two is to make sure our leaders don’t feed their own goats. I say NO VOTES FOR GOATS. After my goat died I bought a weed eater, the mechanical kind. It wasn’t hard to keep the land trimmed especially with my children’s help. I suspect the Republican Party will do well without goats also.

I've noticed this my entire life, a sort of Stockholm Syndrome being played up by various groups the Democrats support (and who support the Democrats with donations).
Other than the NRA and business owners, I can't think of much any groups that number into the thousands of small interest groups that donate millions to the Democrats every year.

Of course, those donators get back billions of dollars in subsidies and a special place in the tax code/subsidies.
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User Info: FunWithAFryPan

3 years ago#2
Um, no. Herd instinct is necessary for late capitalism to even function. Deleuze and Guattari wrote a book about this (well, two books) called Capitalism and Schitzophrenia. Volume one is called Anti-Oedipus and volume two is called A Thousand Plateaus.
He who strikes with meaning is killed by meaning.

User Info: Goatthief

3 years ago#3
*steals them*
sometimes i wish i was a goat so i was carefree and wouldnt have to worry about things like this -BsBalla

User Info: Valnor50

3 years ago#4
The biggest threat to our economy, the global economy, and well-being in general are the filthy rich men that are running it into the ground. I don't know how delusional you have to be to still not see this.

User Info: Balrog0

3 years ago#5
I didn't understand what you were saying at all from the part you quoted, so I read the article and they aren't using goats as an example of herd mentality at all. He's saying that whatever interest groups Democrats represent (unspecified) are like goats in that they always want more ("government handouts") the way that goats will eat more until they die.

The implication is probably that social services are bad for people but good for getting votes which is arguably true, but it ignores the elephant in the room (hah) which is that the GOP is beholden to their own special interest groups, and if you really think "welfare queens" have more political clout than corporate tycoons, that's just laughable
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User Info: WhiskeyDisk

3 years ago#6
well to be fair, the right (at least the highly vocal religious whackjob fringe of it) has its own set of problems with special interests..., Mods!

User Info: YouAreCrumbs

3 years ago#7
no "shut up, wolf" yet?
We elect Obama and all the capitalists will be executed. This is a legitimate concern of mine. - OMGWTFPIE, 2011

User Info: FunWithAFryPan

3 years ago#8
YouAreCrumbs posted...
no "shut up, wolf" yet?

Go for it man. Reach for the stars.
He who strikes with meaning is killed by meaning.
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