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User Info: CRON

6 years ago#1
It seems like they have a lot to work with, considering how a lot of people on the left have views and quotes just as wild and silly as people on the right.

I know I shouldn't really use Facebook to judge, but I see a lot of conservative groups posting their own pictures, and even some pro-conservative memes....and I'm not really digging them at all. Most of them have that "excessive, ignorant old-person-style pride" vibe. I'm a fan of insult comedy, and I'm not a fan of the current administration, but their jokes are just.

It really seems like less of a political thing, and more like a "Look! I'm part of something!" thing.

User Info: Nitro378

6 years ago#2
Well, just look at how many conservative stand-up comedians there are, maybe it's just something instrinsic.
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User Info: yars

6 years ago#3
i know plenty of funny people who are also conservative. or are you asking why there are so few conservative comedians? because that's a different question.
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User Info: Anarchy_Juiblex

6 years ago#4
Crappy opinions mean a crappy perspective on life and thus crappy jokes.

"Me look at me, I'm a union boss but I'm talking with a bad Italian accent as if they're all mob bosses"
Wish I could find that sketch, conservative comedy it so bad.

User Info: IShall_Run_Amok

6 years ago#5
Good humor requires abstract and critical thinking, and a stable mind is required for both of those. It can also require a bit of self awareness and self-depracation. Conservatism generally revolves around a paranoid, defensive and disorderly mind, so usually, conservative attempts at humor are blunt, arrogant and self-aggrandizing.

Anarchy_Juiblex posted...
Crappy opinions mean a crappy perspective on life and thus crappy jokes.

Oh, and this too.
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User Info: Nix

6 years ago#6
Most versions of popular comedy is about mocking the present and past. Liberalism is heavily focused on solving the problems of the present in a drastic or swift manner. So liberals tend to be more quick in pointing out the flaws of the current world and satirizing it.

Conservatism is more of a slowed approach to change and many conservatives speak highly of many aspects of the present and past. So through modern comedy, conservatives have slightly less material. But it is only slightly. Mocking the future balances it out.
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User Info: FighterMcWar

6 years ago#7
Depends on what you mean by conservative. Most comedians tend to be non political but the ones that are tend to point out hypocrisy first and foremost. Republicans have a bad habit of saying one thing and doing a complete other. Secondly, most comedy relies on some kind of introspection and of stripping away the layers of BS in the world and getting things to their core elements. At its base most conservative thought basically relies on the world screwing you but telling it is for your own good because you will be stronger for it. True or not, it is not a message most people ever want to hear. Lastly, the great bastion of comedy relies on being able to say the outlandish. You can drop PC and say whatever gets a rise out of people. The issue is that many conservatives don't get the subtle difference between a comedian making a racist joke and a racist comedian. Not always just racism but it applies to other areas. That little difference means the world.
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User Info: BornIn1142

6 years ago#8
I don't know what you mean. I find conservatives hilarious.
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User Info: CapoMafia

6 years ago#9
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User Info: Tmk

6 years ago#10
Personally, I think an important aspect of comedy, is for the entertainer/joke-teller/whatever to have the capacity for self-depreciation. They don't necessarily have to be making a lot of self-depreciation jokes, but, just an awareness of themselves in that light. It seems important.

Oftentimes I feel like conservative humor stems too much from the root of playing to their group. It comes across as a lot of insults, directed at their opponents. So it's like, blurting out their ideology, demeaning their opponents, then nudging each other and laughing in unison at their opponents. In short, it feels like they don't really "get" comedy and are just using it as an arm to further their ideals, exclusively.

And as I said, I find conservatives to be far, FAR less willing to admit to flaws on their side, and in their selves. So they don't leave me with the impression they possess a perspective of themselves in a self-depreciating light, nor such a perception of their group/organisation.

Liberals on the other hand don't ever seem to act quite as lockstep together as conservatives. They're more chaotic and spread out, and so more likely to notice and express flaws on the left.

I suppose as was already stated, another aspect of it is probably how often comedy is poking fun and criticising the past and present, and conservatives more proudly hold that near and dear to their hearts than liberals. In a way, conservatives are representative of establishment and authority. They might be less likely in general to understand a perspective outside of being that, and I think a perspective like that is more likely to birth mean-spirited ignorant things, than comedy.

This of course is all just my rambling and uninformed observations. I'm not super confident in most of what I said. I also think being less well off can help breed a comedic sense, and so upper middle class establishment Republicans are, again, somewhat outside the scope of hardship and the sensation of looking up and seeing a class of people looking down on you who have total control over the world around you basically.

All of this deserves a disclaimer that I don't think this could apply to ALL conservatives. I happen to believe people as a whole are far too chaotic and individual to all be coherently the same in a group. It's just not likely, maybe not even possible. So even if they tried as hard as they could (and they very well might be), I don't think conservatives could ever hope to all be effectively the same. I'm just talking in general terms.
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