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User Info: WOMANpukumaru

6 days ago#1
You read the topic right. I want to hear from the people who love her...what they love and why!

First...I should probably lay my cards on the table as to why I made this.

I...genuinely do not see the appeal of this character. At all. In my eyes, throughout the entire game, she never does a single thing that I find endearing or charming cute, fun, likable or...any positive thing. (Okay, her “following” you was cute for like a second) I did her entire social link and this did not help. I really wanted to like her. I didn’t

The only emotions I ever felt towards her were apathy or mild annoyance at her occasional pushiness.

That is not me trying to be sassy or sarcastic or or snarky. This is what I come away with after what is now my 3rd playthrough of this game.

I don’t even know what the appeal is SUPPOSED to be. Like I straight up just don’t understand what they were going for here.

The only exceptions being everything to do with battle. The outfit, the animations, the persona, the skill set. She is probably my favorite character in battle

other than that...

TL;dr I genuinely, from the the bottom of my heart, non-sarcastically, do not understand why anyone would like her. You can guess just how....utterly...flummoxed I was to learn of her popularity.

So yeah, I’d like to hear from you. Don’t worry about convincing me I’m not going to argue with anyone. I just want you to say what you love and why!
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User Info: ChillGamer

6 days ago#2
I'm lukewarm in regards to her but I can help by mentioning things I love about her.

  • her awakening. I love how she hulks out and stomps on the ground before ripping her mask off. I also love her first Persona and her PT design.
  • I find some of her behaviors cute, like how she tries to hide while holding a book upside down while following you around town. It may not make sense for the character considering how intelligent she's supposed to be, but still pretty cute. Same for her fear of ghosts and the like.
  • I love how she b****slaps Eiko in her confidant. She needed a wake up call and Makoto gave her one.
  • I sympathise with her feeling useless and acting reckless because of how desperate she is to be of use. I also relate to her being a straight A student that is clueless about how the world works.
  • I like her showtimes with Ryuji and Haru.
  • she's one of the most useful party members gameplay-wise.
Her hangout spots are really fun. Who doesn't love a girl that enjoys going to restaurants and a theme park? Other girls like Ann, Hifumi and Kasumi go to such boring places it makes it hard to date them.

The park is so dull and Jinbocho is lame because even though it's a "city", we only get to see just the bookstore. Yawn.
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User Info: 1Tekkaman

6 days ago#4
Highly intelligent, attractive, generally level-headed but with a feisty side, mature, a superb package.
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Ohh. And I do love how she acts all motherly to the group in the Mementos conversations. It is so damn cute.

Makoto: "are you all keeping up with your grades? I know being a phantom thief is important, but so are your grades."

Futaba: "yesterday, Sojiro bought me my favorite instant yakisoba."

Makoto: "don't overdo it though - too much instant yakisoba is bad for your health."

User Info: Venger2112

6 days ago#6
She reminds me of someone from IRL so I instantly loved her
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User Info: dsky9000

6 days ago#7
Now listen up!

She balances out Ren's character from what I'm aware the canon Ren is a wise cracker if you choose to romance her.

Judging by her star light outfit she has good taste in outfits though we don't get to see it outside starlight.

She is intelligent and is willing to help out everyone with their studies especially Ryuji he needs all the help he can get.

She has a innocents to her unknowing fully to what life is about until Ren shows her.

I like the fact that she supports law and order.

She is a good friend and will not stand and watch by as someone she cares about is destroying themselves.

She is open to hangout in areas that other romance option don't and stuck on repeat.
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User Info: Heartfang

6 days ago#8
She makes penitent mad
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User Info: Alireza888

6 days ago#9
DISCLAIMER: i really dislike her but i copied this hilarious post from one of her nutjob fans a long time ago.
I'm late to the party and only completed vanilla P5 while stuck in quarantine in April. I was turned off from JRPGs for years after being sick of the P4 community, how Atlus kowtows to them, and how Persona's harem elements are poisoning the minds of young men. I only picked up P5 after one gigantic sale on PSN. After the first dungeon, P5 was sitting in my backlog for year because I'm souring on SMT combat, and no characters grabbed me. But when I picked it back up, the story, and every character, turned everything I was expecting upside down. Especially a certain ruby-eyed feminist named Makoto. This is a copypaste from elsewhere so there are extra spaces in places
  1. The human surrounded by anime characters
She gets flak that she's portrayed as the "genius' surrounded by idiots, or that she's "boring." She's actually a positive representation of a high-performance East Asian woman...surrounded by wacky anime characters.
Look back at some of Persona's most beloved darlings, and you'll see Makoto have pieces of them while being more believable and being less "anime." She's a leader like Mitsuru while not being a wealthy "heiress" and being more human (more on this later.) She's a tougher "Yamato Nadeshiko" than the quivering, blushing Yukiko (she's a Queen, not a princess!) She's her own person, not the mouth of Joker like P4's Yosuke. She's a calmer, more believable feminist warrior than Chie (if it were Chie, she'd break noses in Shinjuku and get a real-life motorcycle). And more down to earth strategist for her team than Detective Conan Naoto. Women identify with her and men want to find a woman like her in real life because they can.
Her "boring" problems are the ones that feel real and highly thematic. The theme of Rebellion against toxic conformity is obvious. The less obvious theme of P5 is seeking validation or love from the wrong people (this nearly destroys the Phantom Thieves, many of the Confidants, and even Akechi). Going through life doing absolutely nothing but what the adults in her life say is important (grades) had left her socially and emotionally malnourished. If this were Persona 4, she'd be the darling of the school and she'd be fighting off dudes with a broom like Yukiko. Instead, she was lonely because everyone found her unapproachable and b****y. But why? Surely she's doing all the right things in life, wasn't she? She didn't know it yet but she was being set up for a very unhappy college experience.
Starving for approval, she spied on Joker...poorly. She had no clue how ridiculous (and cute) she looked. Ashamed of the state of her school and feeling powerless, she becomes desperate and aggressive, homed in on the Phantom Thieves rapidly. But it was no longer for approval: The scene happens and now it is known why. Her parental figure Sae, feeling defeated by the Phantom Thieves, let out traumatic, verbal abuse, lashing out for Makoto's grievous sin of being a dependent. (More on Sae in part 3.) The hearts of players raised by a struggling single parent were bleeding for Makoto after that. In this moment, she realized she was never going to make the grown ups happy and that she should stop trying to, so it was time to ask the Phantom Thieves for help.
It couldn't have ended in any other way than a nuclear blast.
  1. A strong single woman who don't need no man for character development
Don't like Makoto? Then leave her alone all year. She doesn't need you! Her character development will happen anyway. She works to become more approachable by discarding the senpai title and coming down to the Phantom Thieves level while letting her intellect and leadership speak for themselves (this is a critical leadership skill.) She reconciles with Ann and becomes her friend (and this relationship should have been explored more, more on this in 5). She betrays her sister at every turn (while still loving her) and abandons the principal, saying she no longer needs his "vouch" for college. She is so strongly written that she would have been an amazing alternative protagonist. Remove Joker, and Persona 5 would be her story.
  1. She has a parent. No, I mean a parent parent.
The characters that stand out the most are the ones with social support that doesn't involve Joker, the Phantom Thieves, invisible parents, or throwaway NPCs. (Chie and Yukiko come as a pair and that's what makes them special.) You can't discuss Makoto without discussing Sae. You can't discuss Futaba without discussing Sojiro. You can't discuss Yusuke without discussing Madarame (who is a throwaway but Yusuke can't stop reflecting on him, and this is a good thing). And you especially can't discuss Akechi without discussing Shido.
The stewing animosity between Makoto and Sae was not sufficiently explored. The most they did was have a boss fight between the Phantom Thieves and Shadow Sae, with Makoto whimpering "Sis" a lot. Sae was also set up perfectly to meet her Shadow, but it never happened. Makoto and Sae should have talked about it in the real world, but that didn't happen either.
Makoto has been heavily shaped by Sae, intentionally or not, for better or worse. Sae raised her to survive, but not live, and she suffers for it. Its not even Sae's fault, because she had to grow up way too fast. Her amazing Persona is Johanna, the mythical woman who rose to become the Pope of the Catholic Church, only to be killed when her gender was revealed. It is a symbol of a woman trying to strive in a man's world. That's not Makoto's plight: its her sister's. which leads me to 4.
  1. LET IT @#%*ing GO! (Feminism)
Together, Sae and Makoto tell a feminist tale. Japan is struggling with misogyny, and Persona is a product of that (Persona keeps trying to be a harem anime after all.) I once walked the streets of Rappongi-do, Tokyo. Trafficked Southeast Asian women would try to grab me and persuade me to walk into their bars, under the watchful eye of bouncers, asking if I wanted "t****** and Beer". Makoto's father was murdered fighting that vile industry, and Makoto instinctively carries his torch on a smaller, more interpersonal scale.
Makoto is attracted to empowerment. This is reflected in the 80s Shounen aesthetics of her thief form, and her interest in motorcycles, superhero movies, and Aikido (these are taboo for women in Japan!) Take eyes off her ass, and you'll notice she wants to look frightening. In combat, she shrieks cheesy, empowering Shounen lines and no one dares to call her out on it. Ryuji almost rats her out, but she shuts him up really quick. It is not an expression of anger, but empowerment. Female cosplayers always talk about how powerful they feel as Queen.
  1. Joker's not the only one who can solve the problems of others.
Those who weren't paying attention to her "boring" rank-ups were missing something special and desperately needed: seeing a character Social-Linking someone else. This is something that needs to be explored so much more.
Two things happen in her rank-ups. The first , internally, she feels she is unapproachable and wants to discover her own capacity and yearning for emotions. She befriends Ann and Eiko while loosening up, so that's not as much of a problem that she thinks it is. If her rank-ups continued being shell-breaking dates like at the Arcade, she would have been too much like P3's Elizabeth or P4G's awful Marie.
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User Info: Alireza888

6 days ago#10
More importantly and thematically, her inner voice tells her Eiko is in trouble. She is forced to put her senpai hat back on and risk her friendship to become a mentor to Eiko. She applies what she's already learned in the plot to help a friend who is looking for love in all the wrong places (there's the theme). Joker is brought along as an assistant and fake boyfriend because she feels safe with him, oblivious to what an awkward and steamy position that puts him in. There are few things sexier than a man making a woman safe after all, which leads me to....
  1. Romance? Oh, its there if you want it ;)
Some relationships have women making the first move, and in some, men make the first move. Makoto is the latter, and there is no right or wrong to that. After all, the characters who express interest first making their desire part of their characters are the divisive ones (Aigis, Yukiko, Rise, Kasumi, etc).
Don't like her? Friendzone her, and she'll be fine. She dismisses Eiko's poisonous words, realizing she has the capacity to love and that she can find it some day. It can be bittersweet, as she comes off as someone who has no idea how hot she is. If Joker makes his famous move in Rank 9, she is so shocked and thrilled that her heart swells three sizes. She ultimately reveals her capacity for love, intimacy and sensuality she didn't know she had (seriously, she's got game and knows how to get what she wants.) She also explicitly desires to be an equal partnership, something progressive gamers adore (and something Japanese entertainment media needs more of.) Being the older one and being college bound, she doesn't bat an eye at the inevitable long-distance relationship that looms, giving Joker something to strive for.
I missed all the "Best Girl" cheering but after playing P5 I know why she got it. Their relationship may have been confined by the "Persona Bubble" because Persona simply does not do story branching, but players simply cannot help but fill the gaps. The words that get thrown around are "Power Couple" and "Romance" and "Sae." So many more moments could have been more intense, joyful or painful if Sae was aware of their relationship. The ocean of fanarts and love they get depict the aura of a power couple everyone wants to be in (why yes, that does sexy).
Take that all away, and she'll still be the best written character in P5. What a heroine.

This is what goes in the mind of her average fan.
The sun is a wonderous body, like a magnificent father. If only i could be so grossly incandescent.
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