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User Info: Animeking1108

1 month ago#1
Some people want ATLUS to revisit the travel theme they originally had planned for P5's early development, and while I can see that happening. However, I had an idea that fits in pretty well with the franchise.

The story's main theme will be about facing your fears. The protagonist's team will be a support group for kids dealing with PTSD, with their mentor/first Mission Control being a therapist (if the whole group can't be adults, then at least have one adult in the group). The supernatural phenomenon where they get their Personas is a dream world identical to the city they live in. The Shadow Boss will represent a character's worst fear, and conquering that fear gets them their Persona.

The Personas will, of course, be famous horror characters and legends.
The Protagonist: Frankenstein's Monster.
The Bro: Dracula.
The First Girl: The Bride of Frankenstein.
The Animal Sidekick: The Wolfman.
The Mentor: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde- He will have a Split Personality. He predominantly uses Dr. Jekyll, but when he gets hit with certain status ailments, Mr. Hyde comes out. Hyde's attacks are much stronger, but his other personality attacks both allies and enemies. When you complete his Social Link/Confidant, he keeps his other Personality in check and both Personas evolve into Janus.
Other potential Personas can include the Invisible Man, Medusa, the Bell Witch, the Jersey Devil, and Quasimodo.

User Info: Quasarneos

1 month ago#2
Making the whole group have mental health issues may be a bit much and make the story a bit too dark/ heavy, but I like the idea of them being a sort of support group of kids and adults. Similarly, it may be a bit much for all of their Personas to follow the same theme, but it'd be clever for certain subgroups to do so (like Akihiko and Shinji having Pollux and Castor).

Great work!

User Info: ChillGamer

1 month ago#3
I love it!

Velvet Room could be an Asylum.

User Info: abyss

1 month ago#4
I think they'll want to keep the mask and costume aspect of P5 - it makes a lot of sense and adds flair to the characters. As such I think there's a good chance we get a kind of 'Japanese view of western super heroes' theme (The other obvious alternative is a sentai theme, but I don't think that fits as well).

I don't expect there will be any other significant changes in terms of the school setting, the characters being a group of kids fighting with the power of friendship, or the story having some darker/mature themes while still being very safe.

User Info: mongopikis

1 month ago#5
I like the horror idea but every one you mentioned are classic Western horror staples, and only Hollywood favourites at that.

No harm throwing in stuff like Krasue, Wendigo, Onryo, Vetala to better fit with a travel, worldwide flavour.

That said, having first girl be Bride of Frankenstein, a character whose sole role in the story is to cause her creator to abort her creation at the thought of the two breeding (or in the movie, for the bride to reject Frankenstein's creature due to his horrific nature and force him to murder her creator, kill her and commit suicide anyway), makes me intrigued at how you intend for the relationship between her and the main character to develop.

User Info: kollie89

1 month ago#6
Definitely swap the bro and protag persona

I’d love for the next game to go with some sort of sentai theme in whatever shadow realm is used for p6.

I like how in P5 the kids don’t have any direct control over their phantom thief costumes and some of them just straight up don’t like them makoto and Ann to a degree, so I think it would be fun to crank that up to eleven and have the new cast feel silly or embarrassed doing sentai poses and s*** lol
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