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  3. Why is the extra content not available as DLC for vanilla?

User Info: Heartfang

3 days ago#21
You guys are acting like this is a new game, it's not. It's an updated version of an existing game. This is a slap in the face to anyone who bought the original. 3 years is nothing, this is not some FF7 remake. Frankly, I can't believe some of you are eating this up and acting like it's okay. Are you really such die hard Persona fans that you can just let BS like this slide?

It's almost as your experiences with updated releases are not universal.

If you feel it's a slap in the face then again don't buy the damn game and don't tell other people what media they should enjoy.
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User Info: Athla

3 days ago#22
For most games I would agree with the whole not getting the full product because companies would cut content to sell to you later.
Personas a bit different though. They release huge games with a ton of content and then they go above and beyond to make more.
When persona five was announced it was for the ps3. Time passed and it was decided that the game would switch to ps4, They released a ps3 version of the game regardless simply because they promised they would despite the profit loss.
Atlus get the benifits of their earned goodwill for doing things like that.
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User Info: Faiyez

3 days ago#23
PS3 is no longer being supported by anyone.

It would be completely unfair to PS3 owners if they had Royal as dlc expansion while obviously excluding them.

Good on Atlus for realizing that.
I think they've taken the freedom and liberty thing a BIT TOO FAR!
-GlowStormLion on Japan's kinks.

User Info: HA0U

2 days ago#24
P5 for all intention and purpose is a PS3 game locked on PS3 specs.
noobs don't realize if royal is a dlc update, it has to be compatible as a PS3 dlc update
and you'll most likely enjoy a bug ridden game instead of P5R.
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User Info: X-blade14

2 days ago#25
Just because these games have the same story doesn't make them the same game. This isn't some hd remaster they added a new story onto, this is persona 5 reworked from the ground up. What you are asking for is the equivalent of any multiplayer game having a sequel and you want them to patch the sequels content into the orginal. Let's take star wars battlefront 2 for example, yes it plays widely the same as the first but there are so many technical changes to the games code that simply porting it's content to the first game would be impossible.
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User Info: KainFourteh

2 days ago#26
Because it's not simple DLC like some morons like to claim to whine about it.
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  3. Why is the extra content not available as DLC for vanilla?
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