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User Info: bigbadchad

5 months ago#1
Here is just my review of this game.

I have only played the story mode so far but so far I am impressed with a couple complaints, there is a currency in game so it feels like your racing for something, so you start out with a certain amount of gold they call the currency so you can buy your first horse at the market and there is always two horses for sale at the market then it refreshes every 5 mins or something, and you can also buy like certain tools you need to upgrade your training facility. You can also breed your own horses as well which is cool, then after you train your horse its time to race and this is where I wish they went in a different direction, instead its set up to where they have like a handful of tracks with like 4 different races for each track and you can race any of your horses in any of the races at any time you want, so in other words if you have only one horse in your stable you can race him over and over again at the same track in the same race if you wish. the pros of the game outweigh the cons by far so this game although overpriced, I think it should be more like $20-$25 but just like most companies now a days are greedy, anyway the game still gets a 8/10

Here are some suggestions for DLC or updates for this game if the devs are reading this:
There should be a day/night cycle and every time you race one of the horses in your stable there stamina gauge should go down the go up very slowly because real life horse don't race everyday (at least I hope not)

Honestly that is all I can think of that can be improved.

User Info: palmisano

5 months ago#2
Have you been able to sync your trophies chad? Mine won't. PS4, btw. Sony suggested I contact developers, so I sent a note to them. This happened with another game years ago so I expected the developer or publishers needed to correct the issue.
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User Info: bigbadchad

5 months ago#3
No I have not sync the trophies.
I really wanted a good horseracing game since gallop racer and since I put my ps3 away I thought this game was gonna be great. Now don't get me wrong it looks and handles good, but like I said it reaaly needed to implement a calender year cycle instead of just racing a certain track and race over and over again.

User Info: king_madden

5 months ago#4
if you're sitll checking this, quick question. did you ever play those arcade derby owner club horse racing games? ive been trying to find a horse racing game like that with no luck.. is this anything like that. was basically get your horse, have a training mini game, feed, then race, etc.
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