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User Info: Ludiking

3 weeks ago#1
For Alola, Trial Captains and island Kahunas are included.

Kanto: Lt. Surge
Johto: Jasmine
Hoenn: Tate & Liza
Sinnoh: Fantina
Unova: Drayden
Kalos: Ramos
Alola: Mallow
Galar: Kabu
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User Info: SearchmanDS

3 weeks ago#2
Kanto: Blaine
Johto: Jasmine
Hoenn: Norman
Sinnoh: Crasher Wake
Unova: Drayden
Kalos: Korrina
Alola: Acerola
Galar: Raihan
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User Info: SageOfLife

3 weeks ago#3
Kanto: Surge
Johto: Jasmine
Hoenn: Winona
Sinnoh: Byron
Unova: Drayden
Kalos: Olympia
Alola: Hala
Galar: Kabu
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User Info: vvsgs77

3 weeks ago#4
Crasher Wake

User Info: Andrex_93

3 weeks ago#5
There's only a couple where I know for sure

Kanto: Blaine
Johto: I like pretty much all of them; I'll say Pryce, this time
Hoenn: probably Flannery or pre-redesign Wallace (aqua blue might differentiate him more, but I prefer light blue, myself)
Sinnoh: Gardenia
Unova: Brycen
Kalos: probably Ramos, Grant or Wulfric, but they're all quite meh
Alola: Hala; very little to choose from, for me, here
Galar: Opal

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User Info: ForsakenDarknes

3 weeks ago#6
There's a couple of the games that I haven't played, or that never stood out to me, so I'm just gonna list the ones that I vividly remember.

Kanto: I've never played the originals, but for the remakes, I'd go with Sabrina and Koga.
Johto: I've only played Crystal, but Jasmine is a pretty decent challenge.
Hoenn: Tate/Liza were a fun battle, simply because it's the only gym leader double battle in the series.
Sinnoh: I like Crasher Wake's over the top personality. He makes me laugh.
Unova: I've only played the sequels, but I like Roxie's punk rock aesthetic.
Kalos: Korrina seems like she would be a fun, if headache-inducing, friend to have.
Alola: The Boldores and Boomsticks fanfiction has kinda biased me in favor of Hala.
Galar: Allister's shyness makes me want to cuddle him.

Right after this, I'm gonna make a sister post for the gym puzzles in each region, since I have a LOT more to say in that regard.
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User Info: MidniteZorua

3 weeks ago#7
Lt. Surge
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User Info: SegavsCapcom

3 weeks ago#8
RBY: I have a soft spot for Surge, given his design, but the cake goes to Brock because of the anime.

GSC: Morty, hands down. Love his gear, love his ace, love his hometown.

RSE: Probably Norman, since he gave me the biggest sense of satisfaction when beating him. I like Flannery too, though.

DPP: Crasher Wake, solely for personality.

BW: Tie between Clay and Elesa. Kinda like the "mob boss" vibe Clay gave out.

XY: They're all terrible. They lose. Good day sir.

SM: Nanu is a riot. SM has one of the stronger lineups of specialists, now that I think about it...

SS: Raihan is fun, and has actually interesting fights. Kabu is close, but his ace gets one-shotted by Carkoal, so...
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User Info: Sky_High_Dx

3 weeks ago#9
Kanto: Lt. Surge. I want to see him make a return, now promoted to Captain or Major.

Johto: Jasmine

Hoenn: Roxxanne

Sinoh: Byron

Unova: Clay

Kalos: Olympia

Alola: Nanu, but all 4 Kahunas are very strong contenders, and Acerola is also great

Galar: Candace
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User Info: darylyan680

3 weeks ago#10

Kanto: Koga
Johto: Whitney
Hoenn: Flannery
Sinnoh: Candice
Unova: Brycen
Kalos: Valerie
Alola: Nanu
Galar: Piers
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