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User Info: grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

4 weeks ago#1
When you transfer a Pokemon with an illegal move, the game warns you that it will be replaced by the most recently learned level up move (that he doesn't know already).

In addition to that, movepools will no longer be set on a species-to-species basis. Instead, each Pokemon will have a list of Traits, which completely determines the list of available moves. This, in turn, will also determine level-up moveset of each Pokemon.

User Info: StewieGriffin23

4 weeks ago#2
Pokémon would die if that happened.
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User Info: GrahamNumber

4 weeks ago#3
Most people would hack their traits to choose a proper moveset, some people would dedicate themselves to breeding legit good traits pokémon for the sense of achievement, casual players would be confused and self imposed challengers might find it refreshing.

It would be a pointless change and go against the current trend of giving the player more control over their pokémon characteristics.

User Info: nunogomes21

4 weeks ago#4
How about no.

instead of offering up the easier solution of just making the move available to the Pokémon in some way in the new games, you decide that deleting those moves are better.
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User Info: ai123

4 weeks ago#5
With every game, they have been making breeding and teambuilding more accessible: IV Judge, Mints, Caps etc.

This would be a huge backward step, making teambuilding too time consuming unless you hack. They aren't going to do that.
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User Info: grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

4 weeks ago#6
Ok, ok, ok, I didn't explain the Trait part very well. Traits are basically classes, and these in turn are dependent on the species. Except that species can have plenty traits simultaneously. Basically, the movepools will be calculated, rather than set by hand.
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