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User Info: Djayc85

1 week ago#31
Kaatisu posted...
Nothing because I refuse to touch the games anymore until they actually FIX Y-Comm.

It's already fixed
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User Info: Kaatisu

1 week ago#32
Djayc85 posted...
It's already fixed

Not for me. Still doesn't update, even with the card swap method.
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User Info: Fragile

1 week ago#33
Ganonruss posted...

1) Feebas in route 2: I have almost 200 of these lil suckers battled. If I can get a non-shiny female one with a Rare Mark or a Mark that matches well then i might consider taking a break from this hunt. If you want to hunt them yourself, have a pokemon with the ability Storm Drain as your lead pokemon!

Does Storm Drain make it more likely you'll encounter wild Feebas?
Zarude looking for one online (hacked obvs)
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User Info: ssbmrocks

1 week ago#35
Right now I’m just joining random raids on the Y Comm and getting all sorts of shinies. Today I got Kangaskhan, Lopinny, Shiinotic, and a few
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User Info: Ganonruss

1 week ago#36
Fragile posted...
Does Storm Drain make it more likely you'll encounter wild Feebas?
Yes! It really does work. I'll try to explain.
With Storm Drain, there is a 50% chance the game will guarantee a Water-type.

In Feebas's fishing spot, the 3 pokemon available are all Water-type (magikarp, chewtle, feebas) so if the 50% chance succeeds, it'll be randomly select one of the three Water-type regardless of rarity.
I don't know how boosted the odds are, but it's WAY better than a 1% chance.
Here's a photo of where i'm at. I'd definitely not be this far without storm drain. Gastrodon is an easy one to find in the wild if you want to quickly get a storm drain user. Or you can be cool and try to get a storm drain Maractus from one of the DLC dens :P

Other means to potentially boost Feebas odds is to faint them, and the last way to boost odds is if Feebas happens to be in the "Current Recommendations" in the pokedex

User Info: tomcat87

1 week ago#37
Trying to hatch shiny scorbunny with libero nature
(edited 1 week ago)
I got a few hunts on hold. One is Stufful, an attempt to reclaim the Shiny I failed when I dropped my controller and Centiskorch attacked it. The other is Cramorant, which I'm going for via cooking curry specifically, because I want it with the curry mark, given what inspired Cramorant's Shiny form in the first place.
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User Info: Pezaroo1234

1 week ago#39
Naruzeldamaster posted...
And how are you doing it?
I'm currently shiny hunting a second set of Shiny Eevee Evolutions with anticipation/wish. through breeding.
Currently taking a break to hunt for a shiny buneary because I need a break from eevee.

I'm currently hunting Eevees too! My first hunt since I got my shiny charm, and I've gone over the 1000 mark 😂 it's my longest hunt in Sword so far, but I have had longer hunts in previous gens.. I'm partly beginning to wonder if I've accidentally released a shiny Eevee or something as it's taking so long..
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User Info: Exeledusp

1 week ago#40
Boombam99 posted...
I encounter-hunted for a shiny Wooloo. I was up over an estimated 3,000 encounters before I learned of the coding error that only gives you the best odds 3% of the time. I then hatched for the shiny and got it in 152 eggs. I immediately vowed never to do encounter method again.
I've caught all my shield shinies (except maractus that was full odds randon) with the 500 encounters in less than 1000 encounters. Heck Golurk showed up before I even got to defeat 500. I've gotten over 10 shinies so far this way.
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