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User Info: Darkraiomb

1 day ago#1
How do you beat it?
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User Info: tomcat87

1 day ago#2
I encountered one in battle tower and I couldn't harm him with any attacks. I lost the match.

User Info: Catmeister

1 day ago#3
You cannot kill what is already dead
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I bring in Cramorant and use Dive, then wait for Shedinja to land an attack. Dive won't affect Shedinja, of course, but as long as the first turn of the move still happens, Gulp Missile still activates.
I use a Morpeko in Ditto raids. Yes, it gets the job done just fine. No, I will not use Zacian/Zamazenta/Eternatus instead.

User Info: Messou

1 day ago#5
Flamethrower, Brave Bird, Leech Seed, Switcheroo Flame Orb, Sucker Punch, or perhaps much to the owner's dismay some weather has already been activated

User Info: WT_Neptune

1 day ago#6
Will o Wisp
Keldeo is coming. And boy, is he is pissed...

User Info: GrahamNumber

1 day ago#7
I had rocks out, so it's already dead.
My opponent looks into its back and lost his soul I win by default.....
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rock tomb kyogre obviously

User Info: BugJesi

1 day ago#10
PkmnTrnrMikeVik posted...
rock tomb kyogre obviously

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