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  3. If you could design a female gym leader in bikinis, what element would she be?

User Info: NealIRC

2 months ago#1
And what would the gym look like?

We've already had barefoot Elite Four in bikinis (Hoenn) so not a big stretch.

You know in Galar Route 9, between Circhester and Spikemuth where the snowing ice is, on the swimming water islands you got shirtless men and women. Out in da cold. Anyone find it peculiar you can find swimsuit girls in the winter weather? That's a 1st.

But seriously, I'm not thinking something dangerous like fire or electricity. I'm thinking fighting type.

In the 2nd episode of Twilight Wings, you had gym leader Bea out in the mountains training. There was a scene where she did 1-arm push-ups, with rocks on her back! That's a real stretch of an imagination too.

So in a fighting-type gym, I'm thinking 1 that is vertically challenged. That is, where you got steep places to jump off of.

And this female gym leader will be able to do handstands, back flips, and front flips, like the Team Yell grunts.

For those that are older and remember Xena Warrior Princess, she could be an idea Steel type gym leader.
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User Info: JayMan1

2 months ago#2
Probably water type, in a pool gym. Could call her Foggy or something.
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User Info: NealIRC

2 months ago#3
Ah, water is so unoriginal. What would make it different than Misty's gym...
31 from Chicago.
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User Info: Gwyns_Beard

2 months ago#5
F****' Randy's guuuuuutt~~
It's full of dirty old cheeeeese buuuurgerrs~~

User Info: Loudxmouth

2 months ago#6
Ice. So she can cut glass with her nips of course.
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User Info: JDM_Jev

2 months ago#7
Dark so she could get mad at you for looking and have strong odours.
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  3. If you could design a female gym leader in bikinis, what element would she be?
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