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  3. Why isn't there more physical fairy moves?

User Info: ssbmrocks

1 year ago#11
Lorulian posted...
Have you ever seen a fairy physically attack someone?

Have you ever seen a fairy?
I ask the important questions.

User Info: Amazing Ampharos

Amazing Ampharos
1 year ago#12
Different types are just different in terms of what coverage options exist. The fact that there's no really great physical ghost move or that all the very strong physical fighting moves have substantial drawbacks or that physical rock moves all have accuracy issues or anything like that are just a part of the game that you are supposed to strategize around; it would be awful if every type had access to more or less the same things and if physical and special were generally at parity instead of lopsided in a million ways as the game would just be a lot less complex.
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User Info: FuzzyKiwi02

1 year ago#13
Lexifox posted...
It's not uncommon for types to lean one way over the other.
True. There are clearly defined physical Fairy types that don't get STAB until level 30 or 40 or so, though.

Fighting leans nearly entirely on attack, and has just three special moves, but there aren't any mons of that type that have Special Attack that completely outweighs it's Attack stat or remain STAB-less for extended periods of time. It isn't much of an issue there.

Even considering how far Fairy leans on special orientated moves, mons like Mimikyu, Snubbull and Mawile shouldn't have to wait so long to have something to work with.
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User Info: innercredible

1 year ago#14
Lil_Puddin posted...
For the same reason why most medium to high powered Rock moves don't have 100% accuracy. :v)

aka: no reason or fairness, just stupidity
100% accurate Stone Edge would smash everything too hard too easily.
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User Info: godzillahomer

1 year ago#15
innercredible posted...
100% accurate Stone Edge would smash everything too hard too easily.

same for hydro pump, blizzard, thunder, and fire blast

but with rock moves, Rock Throw with its 50 power only has an accuracy of 90 (and that's after being buffed in Gold and Silver, in Red and Blue it was 65% for a 50 damage move)
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User Info: TigerTycoon

1 year ago#16
RaveMasterSol posted...
Why isn't there more physical fairy moves?

Probably the same reason roughly 3/4s of the moves in the game are physical.

User Info: starmaine1990

1 year ago#17
At least most physical pokemon have access to play rough , most special pokemon have to use average dazzing gleam because gf is too stingy with moon blast . Heck the two main special fairy lines introduced this gen (Hatternee and Alcremie ) cant even learn it .
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