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User Info: Pikazone

1 month ago#3
The king is back!

Lmk if u want everything from here caught! I'm energized and ready to hunt ūüė§
Switch FC: 0693-2140-1345 Devon
Pokemon Shield Ign Aria

User Info: Super_Broly93

1 month ago#4
Hey nice to your back for one final raid hosting! I hope I can catch an Indeedee!

User Info: Primmy_chan

1 month ago#5
Thank you Min-J it is a pleasure to see you back for one final oomph for us all. Miss you and hope you are doing well <3 and as usual.....we all love you!!! <3
Check out my shiny hatches here:
Switch friend code: SW-3131-6975-0227

User Info: stanthaman90

1 month ago#6
Omg welcome back Min!!!! Thanks for running these for everyone!
FC: SW-1901-5092-4627 Stan

User Info: LordDiscord

1 month ago#7
What time is this EST? I am just curious, so I can be on at that time.
What fun is there in making sense?
SW-3000-8833-9917 (Switch Code) Sword IGN Discord, Shield IGN Eris.

User Info: Apollo500

1 month ago#8
Great to see you, Min! Don't think I'll be able to join in as frequently as before, but I would definitely like to get female Eevee. Thanks as always for hosting! :)
Switch FC: SW-1979-9179-2672 | SSBU & MHGU | Pokemon Sword IGN: Apollo

User Info: Ridleyclone7296

1 month ago#9
Our lord and savior is BAAAACK! 8D
3DS FC: 2105 - 8728 - 6264

User Info: Sytos64

1 month ago#10
Oh wow :o a last Hurrah with Eevee ^ ^

Can't wait to join and gather a few Eevee. Thanks for hosting amazing dens as always
Pokemon Shield IGN: Saito
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