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User Info: paipr

1 month ago#1
**Please only use the days type combo**

There are plenty of type combos that have been used. See seemingly to death Grass/Poison, Water/Rock. And other that seem to have only been used once or twice. Let's create Pokemon of some of those type combos.

This time we look at Grass/Ground, a type that honestly is shocking to have only happened once. And not even with every stage of the line, aka Torterra. Think about it, plants and the ground have a natural connection, and yet only one Pokemon with this type combo. Have fun y'all.
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User Info: sezra

1 month ago#2
How about this guy... excuse the rushed drawing on paint lol.

name: Grandragora (a play on words and a mix of grand, ground and mandragora)
type: grass/ground
pokedex entry: It collects broken plant pots and uses the pieces it finds to create makeshift armor. it uses its roots as arms and legs in order to move around.
side notes: because it collects broken plant pots its pattern varies between individuals (similar to spinda)

base stats:
hp: 75
atk: 50
defense: 105
sp atk: 95
sp defense: 105
spd: 50

base total = 480

User Info: IamChaCha

1 month ago#3
Reepy > Rawlly > Gargantula

Tiny, big eyed cute spider pokemon.
Ability: Silk web
-Cuts opposing Pokémon’s speed in half upon entering the field
Notes:Very weak, non competitive
spider pokemon. No notable moves
or unique signature moves

Bigger, more stoic spider pokemon the
size of a Charmeleon.
Ability: Silk Web
Notes: Slow speed, higher attack still
competitively unviable spider pokemon.
Can learn false swipe and hypnosis though.
Has a large forehead with different patterns (for male female and shiny) which is used in its hypnosis based moves like confusion, hypnosis etc. where the opponent stares into the optical illusion like design

Ability: Silky smooth web
-Cuts all opposing pokemon speed by 25% when on the field; opposing confused pokemon cannot switch out
Hidden Ability: Regenerator
Description: Freakishly huge, colossal nightmare fuel sized spider pokemon. Stands taller than an upright Lugia. Closer to giant Tentacruel and Dragonite in season 1 of the anime. Ebony black, furry skin and legs with beautifully optically illusory designs across its body and glowing red eyes. Extremely slow, extremely durable, extremely powerful. Multiple signature moves to slow or stop opponents from moving. Theme is of a spider slowly crawling towards a webbed up, hapless prey.

Base stats
Hp 70
Attack 125
SpDef 70
spATK 40
spd 50

Play on words: Creepy crawlies, gargantuan tarantula
Most attacks begin with legs glowing vibrant yellow signifying it is absorbing nutrients from the ground
There is a ghost/ground equivalent of the evolution chain (Reapy>Wrally>Garganshee) conversely very fast, float in the air, high special attack, destiny bond-like signature move. The ground typing comes from the fact that the disembodied Pokémon is tied to the tombstone its soul is housed within underneath the soil. The spider no longer walks the earth, it’s limbs float and hover like Harry Potter dementors, yet they remain grounded.
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User Info: paipr

1 month ago#4

Spuddirty, The Spud Pokemon
With their round bodies and single root tail they tend to keep to small areas as a home. They will swing their root around to defend themselves and attack, as well as to dig holes, climb into them then bury themselves to hide.

Rooturf, The Potato Pokemon.
They prefer to keep most of their bodies buried, but will use their large root like hands to move about if need be. They strike at foes with them like whips. They take excellent care of the soil of their home, and will remove out any that isn't rich with nutrients.

Potatomaton, The Potato Core Pokemon.
It's main body is still very small, but it uses its roots to pilot the massive amount of dirt it uses as a body. It's said to be very lucky about the soil it uses so any farmers that have a Potatomaton on their farm are sure to have a great harvest.
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User Info: wind64a

1 month ago#5
Midgera- The Bountiful Worm Pokemon

It's said to burrow throughout the earth, spreading nutrients to desolate lands.

Though unaffected by the strikes themselves, this Pokemon is said to have an aversion to lightning.
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User Info: paipr

1 month ago#6
@IamChaCha it kinda feels like that's not a Grass/Ground type.......

Also bump
ThinMint the shiny Sizzlipede/Centiskorch says hi.
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