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User Info: Lexifox

2 days ago#11
I like how people tout "SANDSTORM BUFFS ROCK SPDEF" when realistically the only Pokemon that benefit from it are its setters.
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User Info: LightningAce11

1 day ago#12
Eh well, defense buff wouldn't hurt any of the current setters.

Something like abomasnow hits most of the top 10 mons in each past gen formats, vgc and singles, for super effective damage but it can be dealt with so quickly.
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User Info: elconoM

1 day ago#13
Most non Ice types will get reduced speed
A one-time battle move that can increase damage from the falling hail by increasing hailstone size
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User Info: Andrex_93

1 day ago#14
Technically, yeah, other Weathers barring maybe Sun have more benefits going for them, but Hail has the most reliable DoT (since only Ice Types are immune to it) and 100% Blizzard is quite good, considering Ice's offensive prowess. I'd say maybe a 30% Special Defense Boost to Ice Types, alongside nerfing all other Weather boosts to 30% as well, could have been equalizing enough.. But now Aurora Veil is a thing, so heh.

innercredible posted...
I'm not really sure what you can do to fix Ice besides just fixing the mons themselves, and maybe removing a weakness or two and possibly adding a resistance. Which I guess answers that question but doesn't really give a solid fix for Hail.
Pretty much this.
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The problem is that Slush Rush has a godawful distribution. And I'd also appreciate it if a few non-Ice types got hail abusing abilities. Stoutland should get Slush Rush, while Empoleon should get Ice Body.

For buffing hail itself, I'd either make it buff Ice moves, or lower the speed of non-Ice types by 50%.

User Info: RollerBob

1 day ago#16
  • Ice-type move power should increase by 50%.
  • Ice-type Pokémons should have their evasiveness raised by 20%, like getting the Snow Cloak ability for free.
  • Fire-type and Water-type move power should decrease by 25%.
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User Info: Reciful_II

1 day ago#17
Ice types resist water
It doesn't matter what I put in here, it's probably been done already

User Info: d_charizard

1 day ago#18
Buffing the Ice type itself (remove a weakness, give it a couple of resistances), and giving Slush Rush to a couple of Pokemon that are not Ice-Type. Maybe give another ability that benefits from Hail (similar to how Sun has Solar Power and Sand has Sand Force), since Snow Cloak and Ice Body kinda suck.

User Info: Joshsun

1 day ago#19
Because Ice types are greedy with there weather and don't like to share.

User Info: Dethuli

1 day ago#20
Hail should reduce super-effective attacks against ice into neutral-effective.
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