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User Info: djayk85

2 days ago#11
I'm just annoyed at how long it takes to trade
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User Info: Deanyzy

2 days ago#12
djayk85 posted...
I'm just annoyed at how long it takes to trade

Yeah, there's areas of improvement but hopefully in time they'll get there. It's getting faster with each update.

User Info: Boobtubenoob

2 days ago#13
Leafeyforever posted...
Hard pass. Even before reading the issues, I'd pass. Ty for your response.

User Info: ssbmrocks

2 days ago#14
Nothing good yet, outside of a Dream Ball Milcery I guess.

I’m currently trading my love ball Eiscues that I amassed while trying for a shiny.
I ask the important questions.

User Info: JayMan1

2 days ago#15
djayk85 posted...
I just keep recycling the ones I get
This seems like an excellent use of the features (namely mass deleting) available in Home.
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User Info: Gatsuka

2 days ago#16
How do you get mystery gifts in home?

i check my local region and haven’t got anything yet
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User Info: Leafeyforever

2 days ago#17
Boobtubenoob posted...
That it is, that it is
Wonderful Oreos! *I give them for free* =^_^=
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User Info: Baha05

2 days ago#18
A 6 IV Cottenee
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User Info: Garethc78

2 days ago#19
Got crap as I expected. I have dumped a load of 5 and 6IV Jolly HA littens on there though (got my competitive one and am now breeding a 6IV with a 6IV JPN ditto to try for a viable shiny)
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User Info: PyroarBlitz

2 days ago#20
Shiny Treecko with it HA, was my best so far.
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  3. Got anything good from Mystery Box yet?
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