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User Info: RevUltim

4 days ago#41
Oynx545 posted...
I deleted my post because I didn't notice you had togekiss at Max HP, so it generally works out alright against scarfed draco, which is usually most in my experience, at least.
If we're talking about 3v3 Singles, then most Toge are timid with max speed and special attack. I'm just saying that even with full HP investment, Vish can still break through.
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User Info: lildragon0

4 days ago#42
Is this Singles or Doubles?

User Info: Earthbound360

3 days ago#43
Lapras with Water Absorb and Freeze Dry has done me wonders. If you're bold enough, you can switch into a choice locked Fishious Rend. Just make sure you have a plan to catch the switch.
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User Info: tippmann4life

3 days ago#44
Dragapult hard counters my dracovish everytime. Always out speeds me with a dragon type move that usually OHKOS
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