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  3. Anybody getting an error code for Pokemon home after trying to transfer pokemon

User Info: Speedy2808

1 week ago#31
Same getting error code 999 after trying to transfer my 721 living pokedex

User Info: Pokenmun

1 week ago#32
I've got about over 30 boxes full transferred, and it's been showing the errof for the past 2hrs now. Hope it's temporary
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User Info: Risa-Sparks

1 week ago#33
transfer of all my pokébank (7 generations, each stage of evolution of each pokémon, years of farming) .... this was done at 8am, it will be 2pm and I have an error code 992 since. .. I called the after-sales service, they didn't even know that the app was out .... they told me to contact nintendo europe in germany directly to find out more ...

I REALLY hate it suddenly ...

User Info: swanton112

1 week ago#34
Yeah still same error after 8 hours I transferred every Pokemon since sun and moon. So I transferred a lot
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User Info: kevin804635

1 week ago#35
Just to clarify: is this only happening when going from Bank? Or is it happening to people transferring from Let's Go or Sword/Shield?

Didn't have time to actually do anything with Home this morning, but I paid for it. Hoping this gets cleared up soon.

User Info: notmyusername

1 week ago#36
weird. I transferred about 8 boxes from Bank to Home. 15 minutes later they were ready to be transferred to Shield. This was around 10 eastern last night. Hope everything works for you tc.
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I'm currently on hold with support. I'll update when I know something.

Also, it seems Mods are deleting posts about this on Pokemon Reddit.
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(edited 1 week ago)
This what the result of contacting support via the chat feature;

Alrighty thank you, I'm so very sorry for the inconvenience but, because your situation is something we need to research further, I’ll need to submit it to the appropriate department for review. We have your contact info as a result of this chat session, and, while we can’t promise that you will be contacted back, if a resolution is found to your situation or if we have more information to share, we will contact you using this information. Thanks for your patience.

If you are still having this issue I suggest going to Nintendo Support and making a ticket. They are currently deleting threads about this on the Pokemon Reddit forums.
What we gain too easily, we value too lightly.
I emailed them earlier after seeing others in this thread having the same issues (i made an account here because if it) and they havent gotten back to me yet. I was surprised that i didnt see anything on reddit about the errors and just assumed nobody else was having them... Kinda scummy of the mods to remove posts about actual concerns

This kind of concerns me. I know google translate isn't the most accurate, but if you read the second paragraph it sounds like if you transferred from Bank to Home during this bug then your pokemon are lost and will be restored at a "later date".
What we gain too easily, we value too lightly.
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  3. Anybody getting an error code for Pokemon home after trying to transfer pokemon
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