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Besides the obvious starters (and by extension legendaries), who's your favorite water type

I done grass and by planning popular demand, i done fire and water too

I can only fit so many cause this is a GameFAQs poll (and that's how it works) and there's too much water

Grass -
Fire -
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User Info: YveItaI

6 days ago#2
Starmie for sure
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User Info: SkittySaysMeow

6 days ago#3
A really close competition between Kingdra, Starmie, and Milotic on this poll. Voted Kingdra, but depends on the day.
overall, either Lumineon or Toxapex.
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User Info: SmokyProgg

6 days ago#4
Of these, probably araquanid
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User Info: SmashingBros

6 days ago#5
Milotic, it's one of my favorite Pokemon period. I ended up loving Barraskewda a ton too, and Toxapex is a cool Pokemon.

Water is a super solid type though, I have a lot of favorites. Wailord, Cloyster, Starmie, Lapras, Golisopod, Clamperl line, Politoed, Corsola, Mantine, Lumineon, Relicanth, Jellicent, Gyarados, Araquanid, Dracovish...
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User Info: kamilohbk

6 days ago#6
YveItaI posted...
Starmie for sure

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User Info: Jaylau17

6 days ago#7
Of these choices Starmie, but my favorite is Lapras, followed by Toxapex.
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User Info: biraiya

6 days ago#8
Yeah, water might be the overall best typing. They're visually strong, conceptually strong, and they're competitively consistent.

Vaporeon has been my favorite eeveelution from day one, so it's probably my favorite water type. It manages to put in work this gen even without toxic, and I'm was very hype for Z-celebrate Vaporeon. OMG, I could use Vaporeon offensively? That was nice. Buuuuuuuuuuuuut...does that count as a starter now? Is that why it didn't make the poll? I know that eevee doesn't evolve but it's the same line.

#2 is Golisopod. I mentioned it before, I use a hazard setting utility Golisopod. I used it last gen. I use it this gen. I just really like what it brings to the table and it's an awesome design.

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User Info: RPGenerate

6 days ago#9
I love Milotic's design. It's beautiful and majestic at the same time/
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User Info: GujinKami

6 days ago#10
Quagsire, but on the poll probably Golisopod.
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