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Besides the obvious starters (and by extension to legendaries), who's your favorite fire type?

I done grass, now its time for Fire

Water coming soon it came

Grass -
Water -
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User Info: SmashingBros

6 days ago#2
Chandelure for sure.

Unlike Water and Grass, I'm not huge on Fire. Usually they're only okay, but when they're good they're great. Volcarona, Salazzle, Baile Oricorio, and Centiskorch are also some favorites of mine, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a soft spot for Talonflame since I use all of the regional birds. Zen Mode Galarmanitan and Blacephalon are cool too, and while it obviously doesn't count here, Victini is tied with Mimikyu for my favorite Pokemon.
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User Info: Jaylau17

6 days ago#3
Ooh these are my favorite options across the three polls.

Favorite of all time is Volcarona which is on the list. My second favorite is also on the list - Chandelure. Great options.
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User Info: Andrex_93

6 days ago#4
Houndoom, but I also quite like Magmortar (although I prefer Magmar and I prefer Magby to both of them), Camerupt and Chandelure.
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User Info: MaidKnight404

6 days ago#5
Chandelure. Litwick is a damn cutie. I like houndour a lot too, but not so much houndoom.

Honorable mentions to arcanine and ninetales.
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User Info: Daschoundred

6 days ago#6

Although Arcanine snd Talonflame are pretty high too
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User Info: paipr

6 days ago#7
Before this gen my answer wouldve been Magmortar (bad before Gen4 it would've been Magmar).

But Sizzlipede/Centiskorch became not only my favorite fire type, but also my favorite gen8 Pokemon from the moment I saw them.
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User Info: SkittySaysMeow

6 days ago#8
Really tough decision between Chandelure and Ninetales for me. Both in my top 10 of all time.
houndoom is an HM
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User Info: Mister_Fresh

6 days ago#9
Volcarona. It's design, it's typing, it's lore, it's stats, it's moves. It has everything I want in a fire type aka my favourite type.
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I don't think I can choose between Ninetales and Arcanine.
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