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  3. Name ideas for G-max Snorlax (male) and Indeedee (female)?

User Info: MikeClaus2001

1 week ago#1
Title. I want to choose name for them that is clever, related to their characteristics and their movesets, but I can't think of anything that make me think ,,This is it!''

G-max Snorlax- Belly Drum, G-max and then Replenish 3x. Most of the time this is strategy, simple as that.

Indeedee- Psychic Surge on start, Safeguard or Follow Me and then Heal Pulse on Snorlax.

User Info: -Unowninator-

1 week ago#2
How about Snorland? It looks like an island.

I got nothing for Indeedee though.
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User Info: StewieGriffin23

1 week ago#3
Snorcer for Snorlax.

For Indeedee.... same as Unowninator.
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User Info: adonfraz

1 week ago#4
I named my Snorlax Berry since he eats berries.
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User Info: Troublenugget

1 week ago#5
I was gonna name my snorlax Fatgum bc oh MHA
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User Info: ultradinosaur

1 week ago#6
I can't say for Indeedee, but I named my g-max lax "Snorterra". I mean, g-max Snorlax is basically just a fusion of Snorlax and Torterra.

User Info: Core1019

1 week ago#7
How about... Snorlax and Indeedee? Seriously I don't get nicknaming mons.
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User Info: MaidKnight404

1 week ago#8
Gigantalax. The joke writes itself.
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User Info: Miderb

1 week ago#9
Mimi. Sounds similar to Indeedee, is just a plain cute name, and is doubly clever if you know what it's referencing.
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User Info: OrangeSerafin

1 week ago#10
I named mine Hodor. 😂
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