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  3. How many's hours have you clocked ?

User Info: HomieKnockout

1 week ago#1
I’m at 98!
Psn/xbl: knockoutjosie

User Info: Naruzeldamaster

1 week ago#2
312 B* :D
And all of those hours have lots of brusing!
(Yes I "clocked" them >=3 )
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User Info: DementedDurian

1 week ago#3
Lost pencils never find their papers.
You can pick your battles, and you can pick your nose. But you can't pick your battle's nose.

User Info: shinryu_omega

1 week ago#4
335:28. I do VGC, so most of it goes into breeding and making pokemon BR.
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User Info: BazzaPersonal

1 week ago#5
116 hours.

User Info: Indrasarrow123

1 week ago#6
103 put the game down for a couple weeks now finally getting back into it

User Info: Puglia77

1 week ago#7
200. I do shiny hunting.

User Info: Tino_Tonitini2

1 week ago#8
157 hours in Shield and somewhere in the 60s in Sword.

I think I've played more of these games in about 2 months than I ever have of each pair of mainline games on the 3DS, although not all of them collectively.

User Info: WingedKuriboh

1 week ago#9
I got rich from selling Blue ribbons

User Info: GujinKami

1 week ago#10
Like 180 before I got boerd lolol
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