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User Info: TheBlackMage

1 week ago#11
Philip027 posted...
What is YR? Both google and urbandictionary are failing me here.
Your Reaction, ie how would you react if this scenario happened, usually with some hypothetical, whether tin foil hat theory or somewhat realistic speculation.

Though the topic is usually put in the form of:
"YR: IGN didn't play the same game"

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User Info: M_Live

1 week ago#12
I wouldn't really care because I don't really put much stock into review scores, I generally know my tastes well enough to know what I will or won't like, and since I'm pretty close to 100 hours invested into this game thus far, I'd say I'm happy with my purchase. Whether they gave the game a score of a 9/10 or a 4 /10 wouldn't affect my personal enjoyment at all.
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User Info: Philip027

1 week ago#13
Oh, hypothetical.

Then, I guess it would be a good thing, right? Because if I remember right, IGN gave a high score, which would point toward the quality of the DLC being good. Particularly good even, considering what the base game was like...
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