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User Info: Lord_Mudkip

1 month ago#11
i think it funi
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User Info: Andrex_93

1 month ago#12
Unnerving while also potentially funny; but mostly unnerving.
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User Info: Anime-Lusamine

1 month ago#13
it happened with my Hatterene once and... I have no idea how I should feel about that there.
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User Info: Tino_Tonitini2

1 month ago#14
I've had it happen multiple times with Corviknight (it's a bit unnerving...until it smiles) and Seismitoad, who pretty much always looks funny.

User Info: zoedacat

1 month ago#15
Yoni_Arousement posted... I hate when that happens
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User Info: Yoni_Arousement

1 month ago#16
zoedacat posted...
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User Info: lordhoopa

1 month ago#17
zoedacat posted...
Just a thought

Lord_Mudkip posted...
i think it funi
Hello. I did not expect you here

That happened with my corviknight. I don't remember the expression but I think it was angry
I screenshotted it. That was fun
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User Info: Kitty91

1 month ago#18
I have screenshots of my Sirfetch'd and dragapult smiling
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User Info: ApocalypticPosn

1 month ago#19
Yoni_Arousement posted... I hate when that happens
Lmaoooooo look at Terrakion glaring at Primarina and she's just sitting there with that smug smile! xD
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  3. When Pokemon Camp opens with a close-up of your Pokemon's face.
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