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User Info: SmashingBros

1 month ago#81
Probably Corviknight. I love birds, and ravens are one of my favorites. I like that rather than being Dark like Murkrow, they made it a huge heroic powerhouse who flies people around the region. My Corviknight (Cawain) was one of my strongest team members, which furthered my love for it even more.

I also loved Toxtricity. Toxel is literally a baby, so seeing it grow up into a punk rocker with a fun new dual-type and ability was a treat. The colors and design are my sort of thing exactly, especially the mohawk (and the guitar/bass thing with the chest was brilliant.) Plus look at its animations! I loved seeing my Toxtricity (Iggy) win and strum his chest, tongue out.

Finally, I've got to mention Barraskewda. I loved everything about it. From the second we saw Cramorant's goofy fish, I was hopeful it would be usable. A barracuda would be cool, and the torpedo design was fun. I got my wish and found my guy Dart on Route 2 (I didn't even know how rare he was, Dart was like the third thing I fished up.) I loved Arrokuda's goofy face in Camp, and when he evolved he got simultaneously goofier and cooler. The fishbone motiff, the happy yet intimidating head, and most of all the propeller tail sold me immediately.

And then to my surprise, Dart was incredible! He's a glass cannon, but my god do the speed and attack make up for lack of defense. He and Cawain carried my team- I fought Leon way underleveled (I thought 58 was fine until he sent out Aegislash at 62), and Dart brought down half of his team- including a oneshot on his G-Maxed Charizard. Milotic is still my favorite Water type, but Barraskewda is a close second.
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User Info: Lord_Mudkip

1 month ago#82
Orbeetal line
grapplock line
so many!
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User Info: Venustoise98

1 month ago#83
Scorbunny is my absolute favorite Pokémon from Gen VIII, and he's tied with Chespin for my favorite starter Pokémon of all time.

Apart from that, I like Drednaw, Alcremie, Croviknight, Boltund, Morpeko, Centiskorch, Carkol, Dottler, Milcery, Sirfetch'd, Hatenna, Cufant, Sinistea, and Polteageist.

User Info: 1BluLizard

1 month ago#84
My favorite pokemon of this generation are either Flapple, Dragapult, Toxtricity, or Obstagoon. I also really like pokemon such as Cursola, Runerigus, and Frosmoth. My favorite starter is Sobble.

User Info: Mr_Takisuteni

1 month ago#85
Amazing how people have unique tastes.

Someone said Rolycoly is cute. That made my day. I always considered Rolycoly the ugliest pokemon. Now that I look carefully, Roloycoly is actually super cute lmao.
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